Why Is It Important To Touch Type

Touch Typing CourseWhy Is It Important To Touch Type?

Typing was an uncommon practice limited to the business administration and industry and now people most people can afford mobile phones, computers, and laptops. Today, everyone can afford a phone, and even young children have their own devices. We are living in a world where typing is a necessary skill, and its demand keeps growing despite the presence of voice-enhanced technologies. There has been a growth in typing training programs across the globe. Touch type is essential for various reasons especially for programmers and computer engineers. Most people would agree that the skill is necessary for speed, accuracy, and time-saving. However, the practice also enhances concentration levels, focus, and multitasking abilities. Thanks to various touch typing courses, people are embracing touch type. Based on various reports, typing above average occurs after mastering the correct hand and body positioning, a positive attitude, knowledge, and advanced techniques.

Faster typing: what are the potential savings…?

Most non-touch-typists plateau at a maximum speed of around 33-35 wpm

Touch typists very often reach average speeds of 40, 50 or 60 wpm (some even get to 70, 80 or beyond!)

Check the tables below – see what sort of savings you and your team could make.

Typing just 1 hour a day

Typing 3 hours a day

Typing 5 hours a day


In the UK, most touch typing centers offer complete training packages with pocket-friendly payment plans. The touch typing course London community has tremendously grown as people embrace the digital revolution. A majority desire to learn touch typing because it is applicable in many areas and not to mention that the skill comes with an acquired taste. For instance, if you usually type using one or two fingers, training increases your ability to operate accurately with both hands. If you are also tired about watching the keyboard and the screen simultaneously, the course will help you obtain focus on your screen. Tutors usually teach the touch type technique using games and various navigation tests. However, students must learn how to place their hands and the different finger positions. During the process, the trainees learn how to trust their instincts, focus on the screen, and concentrate on what they are writing rather than key location.

Touch Typing Typing

Apart from boosting individual productivity, typing training can help people with learning disabilities. Basic tutorials concentrate on the alphabetical keys, numbers, and symbols. The process teaches you how to construct sentences and other grammatical compositions necessary. If you are a slow reader, your skills can improve dynamically such that you can recognise words quickly and pronounce them effortlessly. In London, some touch typing course centers outsource their services to learning institutions and organizations. If you are on the receiving end, your task is to provide a suitable room and open access to available delegates (sent from touch typing centers). In-house tuition extends training to employees and the top management. The program increases individual performance as well as focus.  The tuition also address the correct posture and health and safety. Companies invest in touch type training for various reasons, but the most significant aspect includes generating competitive minds and multitasking abilities. The corporate world has realised that harnessing human abilities is as profitable as using new technologies and most importantly, it’s the cheapest way to acquire sustainability and innovation. One day training courses are also available for private individuals.

Touch typing had less influence in the past but its dominance today has grown. It is no longer limited to the administrative industry but also to other technologically-enhanced sectors. Since training packages vary from one program to another, find a suitable touch typing course that will meet your needs.

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