Why attend a Secretarial Course?

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Why attend a secretarial CourseWhy attend a Secretarial Course?

Secretaries are often key to the success of busy executives and their companies. They ensure that schedules are adhered to each day, letters are answered and meetings are attended. They take on many time-consuming tasks, such as responding to emails, answering phones and scheduling events – allowing directors to focus on running the business. Without this essential role, businesses would be far less productive and thus less profitable.

It takes more than just strong organisational skills to be a top secretary, and this is why it is important to develop and enhance your skills through secretarial courses. Whether you’re already established in your role, or just starting out in your career as a PA, secretary or office manager, these courses can teach you important skills. These include areas such as organisation, planning, communication, management, meetings and presentations.

Attending one of our secretarial courses will give you the edge over your competitors when applying for new jobs, as well as ensuring you keep your skills up to date while in your current role. You may already have many of the necessary skills to take on a top role as a secretary, but it can be difficult to prove this to a prospective employer. Our courses will give you tangible evidence of your skills, in the form of a qualification which will boost your CV.

If you struggle with any aspect of managing your time, or with a heavy workload, a secretarial course is a great way to improve your skills. Our secretarial courses can help you with your time management, teach you how to prioritise your workload and use your time productively and creatively. As your role involves managing and dealing with many different types of people, you will need to develop strong management and communication skills. Our courses will teach you skills such as effective delegation, how to manage yourself and others, how to build relationships, manage day-to-day situations, and performance management. We will also teach you both spoken and written communication skills, which covers face-to-face communication, body language, tone, words, as well as how to compose professional emails and letters.Image of PDCA Lifecycle (Plan Do Check Act)

Another key area that you can develop through secretarial courses, is your assertiveness. This is an important skill in the workplace, and our courses will teach you how to be assertive without being aggressive, as well as how to say ‘no’ effectively. Learning these skills will improve your confidence and your ability to handle difficult people and situations. As a secretary, you will also be involved in planning and running many meetings. Secretarial courses can help you improve your skills in preparing meetings, taking minutes and giving presentations.

It’s important to stay up to date with your secretarial training, as technology and office environments progress. You will need to stay ahead and ensure you know current best practice, and all the latest developments. Attending secretarial courses will help you to maintain high standards within your role, as well as keeping your training and skills polished and up to date.

The PA training course at Taylor Mason is an easy to follow yet detailed  two-day course that equips personal assistants with the necessary skills to deliver on their duties and those of their employer.

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