What is work related stress?

What is work related stress

What is work related stress?

Work-related stress is a reaction to pressures felt by workers and can be a result of unfair demands and counterproductive pressures. Growing numbers of people have been taking time off work due to work-related stress in recent years. A survey carried about by HSE saying that 40 of work-related illnesses involved stress.


More than ‘healthy pressure’

It’s important that we don’t confuse work-related stress with the kind of ‘healthy pressure’ we can reasonably expect when doing our jobs. When pressure becomes more intense or heavy than can be expected, we may start to experience work-related stress. The health watchdog NICE has encouraged managers and employers to help combat work-related stress, saying staff should be taking regular breaks and not be expected to work unreasonable hours. It says taking action on work-related stress should help employers to create healthier and happier workforces, with productivity levels rising as a result.

Work-related stress can be very expensive for bosses, with millions of working days being lost due to stress and other work-related conditions like back pain every year. NICE suggested that employers should help staff feel appreciated for their efforts and encourage them to be more creative. It also suggested that managers make rotas more flexible to give extra control to staff.

Who is the most prone to work-related stress?

Industries heavily associated with workplace stress are often said to include education, local government, defence and healthcare. The 45-54 age group seem particularly prone to work-related stress, with slightly more females than men experiencing it overall. Other factors linked to work-related stress include large workforce, deadlines, sizeable workloads and high levels of responsibility.

Advice for employees

Lack of management support, threats, violence and bullying are also widely-regarded as substantial causes of work-related stress. There are ways employees can try to reduce work-related stress. These can include making suggestions to your manager, seeking counselling or entering into bullying or harassment procedures if the situation is severe. Employees are also encouraged to air concerns whenever they need to, try to nurture positive relationships with colleagues, get adequate exercise, enjoy a balanced diet and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Tips for employers

Employers can work harder to make their staff feel comfortable about coming forward with concerns, improve communication, cultivate a friendlier atmosphere and consider offering improved benefits and incentives to staff. They are advised to adopt a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and harassment and to avoid over-facing their employees with work. Providing opportunities for progression in the workplace can also help them combat work-related stress.

Can we help?

Our training courses are usually delivered in-house by one of our highly experienced stress management  trainers. Typical courses are run for a maximum of around 12 delegates, we are also able to train small groups and individuals.  From our experience this number allows for the maximum of involvement, and encourages full participation in the interactive exercises and discussion sessions.

These courses can be delivered in most locations all across the UK, including Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland,if in doubt please just ask and we will confirm our availability.

Do We Offer Bespoke Stress Management Training?

In addition to the standard courses listed we also offer custom stress management training courses tailored to suit your specific requirements, should you wish to combine elements from different courses – or if you would like us to create a completely bespoke customised course.

 CourseDurationCost In-houseEnquire about In-house course
Stress Management Training1 day£949enquire
Stress Relief and Stress Reduction1 day£949enquire

 * Travel costs are not included in price (charged at 45 pence per mile)

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of our stress management training courses.

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