At our Training Venues – Advantages of Public Training Courses   

Whenever you have to hire someone new, giving them the chance to engage in Open Training Courses gets them ready for the job quickly and easily. As an employer, you have a better ability to customise the training for each staff member, ensuring they will be more than ready to tackle the job once they begin. Research indicates that new employees who get the right training as soon as they are hired are apt to stay with the job longer because they are less frustrated by unfamiliar tasks or circumstances. We don’t have to remind you how much this will save you in the frustrating area of employee turnover. A business which promises learning opportunities to their employees, including Uk United Kingdomthose they have just hired, will find that applicants for positions which are available will be higher quality than otherwise.

Capability and Flexibility Are Enhanced In Current Staff Members

If you want your current employees to take on more responsibility by learning new procedures, Open Training Courses can help you engage each in the learning necessary so that they can continue to work hard as your business expands. Your Current Staff Benefits Also- When your company is growing, teaching your current staff new techniques or changes in your business is important, and Open Training Courses can get them ready for changes to their current position or moves to new positions that open up.

Open Training Courses let staff members develop the versatility that will allow them to add new tasks to their repertoire so that they stay interested in their jobs. When a staff member is making a lateral move in the business, training can help them be prepared for their new position, benefiting both the business and the staff member themselves.

A group is led in a training session by an instructor during Public Training Courses. Sessions may be structured as presentations, followed by questions and answers, or they may be more like a workshop or seminar or offer exercises to be completed as in a typical classroom. None of them excludes the other, and a public training course can include all the above-mentioned components in a day-long session. Open Training Courses work with the group as a whole, from leading mind-mapping exercise to building team cohesion through role-playing, all of which can be customised to meet the needs of all members.

Why and how learning is improved at Training Venues

Studies show that group learning is often the most effective with regard to employee training sessions. That’s due to many factors, particularly how easy it is to get feedback in this kind of learning environment.

Group training allows for a lot of peer feedback to complement that of the trainer, so that the learning experience is seamless. When you provide training to your teams as a group, they will be more driven to accept that learning and engage it in their daily responsibilities. Moreover, since the training occurs in a safe environment free of repercussions, people will be more willing to take risks and make mistakes, and thus learn more deeply. This will allow each team member to truly digest the most important learning points.

  • A  common experience
  • When all of the factors above are accounted for, group training will ensure students:
  • Build responsibility
  • Open up Learn more frequently
  • Alter behaviours appropriately 

When the students all take the ideas on as fact and absorb principles which have been provided to the group, the experience builds a feeling of being a team and being accountable at all times, all thanks to having exposure to the same training and knowing what is expected of each member. Learning is bolstered thanks to the sense of well-being which comes from this engagement.

Everything we’ve mentioned means that group training is very advantageous for all parties.

When it comes to instructing co-workers on learning new skills, changing their behaviours or altering corporate culture, Open Training Courses tend to be the most successful thanks to the group learning as a team, pushing them to digest the ideas and concepts presented and to learn new operational techniques.

There is an improvement in both the quality and efficiency of the work of the company.

As each course is open you also benefit from attending the course with other managers and staff for other sectors and company sizes allowing you to all share best practice and to understand what some companies do differently from yours.
Training Venues

Equally meeting similar people in a similar geographic to yourself provides an amazing opportunity to expand your own network – you never know your next supplier/business partner or even customer might be sat right next to YOU!

Your training is fully catered for at Training Venues – 

When you book your public management course in London we take care of you right from the start –

  • Easy to book – invoice or credit card
  • Training Venues London management training venueProfessional, yet relaxed training venue
  • Full training materials supplied
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • A first class training team
  • Accredited courses
  • Current delegate satisfaction rate over 94%

Course Booking Information:

In House prices start from £949 for up to 12 delegates (ex travel charged at 45 pence per mile)

Pubic Courses start from £295 book online or Call us On 0843 2891713