Touch Typing Course London

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Touch Typing Course LondonTouch Typing Course London

In a world where everything involves computers, typing skills are some of the major qualifications looked at in interviews. If you take a minute to trace a certain letter when typing or keep making mistakes, this typing course is for you. Touch typing course London will help you become more efficient and productive while using the keyboard. This easy course will enable you to find letter keys faster and type more accurately. It comprises of a few keyboard exercises and short-cuts to train the hand to type skilfully. Touch typing course London can be beneficial to anyone who uses a computer and qwerty pad phones. It can be learnt by adults and children of any learning age.

Benefits of Touch Typing Course London

· Increased Efficiency

The touch typing course helps learners use all fingers to type instead of one. This enables the typist to do more work in a short time. Besides allowing you to do more work, the typing speed gained helps save a lot of working hours in a day.

· Less Mental fatigue

The connection between the brain and the hands is very strong. Trying to locate one key at a time can be exhausting to the brain and the eyes too. The course will teach you how to have every key at your fingertips, which means you do not need to overwork the brain. It’s important that the brain focuses on the output only while the fingers do the typing.

· Increased EffectivenessTouch Typing Course London

The course teaches the user to focus on the screen when typing ,and not the keyboard. This is advisable especially when one is creating a document because they can focus on the quality of the output. You will also be able to see what is going on the screen when typing and correct any mistakes instantly. Good typing skills will improve the quality of your work dramatically.

· Less physical Fatigue

Touch typing is fast and helps the typist to do a lot of work in a short time. This will give you time to get up and stretch every now and then. You will also spend less time bending on the keyboard typing. Touch typing course London also teaches students to use all fingers instead of one. This distributes the workload between all the fingers and enhances natural flowing movements.

· Convenience and comfort

Using one finger when typing can overload one area of the body. This leads to feelings of fatigue on various body muscles. It also reduces typing speed, which is not good for the back and the eyes. It can cause upper limb disorder, RSI and backache. Touch typing on the other hand enables one to use all fingers to type and get work done faster.

Lessons learners gain from our course

This is a practical-based course that focuses on training the user to type without looking at the keyboard. Various exercises are used to train the fingers to stay in specific keys and move from there with minimum hassle. The course will create a good brain and hand harmony so the two work together and give better output.

After one has learnt to locate all keys without looking, the course then proceeds to teach about various aspects of speed. Exercises and short-cuts are used to train the fingers and the brain to type faster and more accurately. The techniques used in touch typing course London ensure one is able to type fast and accurately. It’s a step by step process that makes sure you perfect one skill before going to the next.

You will also learn how to sit properly when typing and maintain good posture throughout. How you sit and place your hands can affect your back and limbs as well as the neck. Touch typing ensures one sits upright looking at the screen and not bending over the keyboard. The course also teaches how to place the fingers in a comfortable manner so they will not ache or wear out.

Delivery Options

Our Touch typing course London is offered in-house to companies and individuals. Every course is tailor-made to fit specific client needs and combat any challenges. The course will help improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

In-house training for groups is charged at £949 and certificates are awarded upon completion.

Public Course Information & Booking: Public Courses – £250 per delegate including refreshments/certificate


2020fri24apr9:30 am4:30 pmTouch Typing TrainingEffective, accurate, speedier typing9:30 am - 4:30 pm London Marble Arch, Garfield House 86 Edgware Road London W2 2EA Training Course Price : £349


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