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Do you hunt and peck at the keyboard? Would you like to improve both your speed and accuracy, making you more efficient and productive at the keyboard? By attending this touch typing course & keyboard skills training will take you from that infuriating one finger typist to a more effective, accurate and speedier typist. Our

Our touch typing course comprises a series of keyboard skills exercises and keyboard shortcuts to help you improve your keyboard and typing skills. The benefits of being able to touch type can increase your typing speed, improve your accuracy, productivity and reduce the risk of RSI and upper limb disorders. This keyboard skills course is suitable for anyone who uses a keyboard regularly and is appropriate for any industry or any age. Once learned, the technique has enormous benefits, which are:

This keyboard skills course is suitable for anyone who uses a keyboard regularly and is appropriate for any industry or any age. Once learned, the technique has enormous benefits, which are:

Increased Efficiency Touch-typing is more efficient because the typist uses all fingers instead of just a few fingers. As a result, typing speed will increase dramatically. This means that the time taken by a touch-typist to type a given number of characters is considerably less than the time taken by a two-finger hunt-and-peck typist and thus dozens of valuable working hours can be saved each year.

Increased Effectiveness Touch-typing is more effective because the typist looks at the output on the screen, not the keyboard. This is especially advantageous when one is creating a document (as opposed to copying one) such as a letter, an essay, a presentation or a book. Not having to look at the keyboard to find the keys, the typist can focus on the output with a resulting increase in quality.

Less Mental Fatigue Touch-typing is less demanding on the brain because the brain does not need to cope with two issues, that of locating the keys and focusing on the output. The brain is then single-mindedly focused on the output.

Less Physical Fatigue Touch-typing is also less tiring because it distributes the total load over all fingers. Touch typing, because of its natural and flowing finger movements, results in less stress.

Less Wear and Tear Touch-typing reduces wear and tear on the few fingers that are constantly being used. The load is spread over many more fingers and thus the risk of Cumulative Trauma Disorder (also known as Occupational Overuse Syndrome) is reduced.

What you learn:

The touch typing training course is entirely practically–based, focusing on training your brain to remember ALL the fingers to use to ensure the correct keying without constantly looking at the keyboard. You will also learn about good posture at the keyboard and an effective approach to fast learning which can be applied to other disciplines. The relevance of touch typing to further keyboard skills expertise (eg software shortcuts) will be explained. During this practical touch typing course, you will have the skills, knowledge and practice time to be able to type without looking at the keys

  • To remember and use the correct fingering
  • To apply an effective practice regime to build further speed and accuracy on top of these basics

This programme turns the traditional approach on its head by ensuring the whole keyboard and all fingering is THOROUGHLY LEARNT in just one sitting, using engaging, inspiring & memorable training techniques. This approach equips you to APPLY your new keyboard skills immediately and accurately. The repetitive nature of it is less of a problem as you’re getting REAL WORK done and SEEING THE RESULTS almost immediately.

Delivery Formats:

All our in-house training course are available to tailored to yours and your companies/delegates need with our CTP (customised training programme) solution. Designed to meet any challenge or level required. Ask for a full proposal for your training, tailored to suit you.

In-house training at your premises – £875 for a group of up to 12 (ex-vat and travel)


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Touch Typing Course
  • 1 Day Public Training Course


I sent 3 delegates to this course. All 3 were delighted with the approach which was not as expected, but has seemed to be most effective. The Tutor was excellent and rang the delegates prior to the course, and has kept in touch since. Very pleased and would use Taylor Mason again. Anne Seymour Durkin - High Wycombe


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