Tips for Running Effective Meetings

Chairing a meeting successfully is an important skill in business, and developing this ability can help you progress in your career. A good meeting allows everyone to come together to make decisions, and share their thoughts and feedback. Without proper planning meetings can be unproductive and time-consuming.
A chairing meetings course can help you learn the necessary skills to chair productive and successful meetings. This will develop your confidence and help you progress in your chosen field. Here are tips for chairing a meeting successfully:

Tips for running effective meetings: Twitter / TheMarketingSoc.

Meeting Review Form – Free Document


Meeting Review Form – Free Document

This meeting review document is helpful in assessing the usefulness of a meeting. It should be used after a meeting and is a simple to fill in document of questions regarding the meeting. Its aim is to improve future meetings.

This meeting document is free here and is also included as part of the training course materials for Leading Meetings, which helps participants to run effective meetings.

Training Course Contents:A one page Word document, which asks pertinent questions regarding any meeting that has just been run.

Objectives:Effective Meetings are ensured with this meeting review form.


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