Why time management is important?

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Why time management is important?Why time management is important?

Effective time management is one of the most important skills to develop and maintain in any career. Yet it is not an automatically acquired skill, and many – if not most – employees must consciously learn to apply it. In a society where the workplace is increasingly full of both distractions and challenging workloads, offering employees a time management course will provide them with an invaluable tool to improve their efficiency.
Research shows that many employees are subject to multiple interruptions and distractions while at work, and that many or even most of them are unimportant. Even if they are able to fend off or efficiently take care of distractions and commonly disallowed time hazards such as social media and email, employees may find themselves unintentionally spending more time than necessary negotiating and responding to multiple requests by co-workers or superiors for help completing work. In the end, this work often takes away from their focus on more long-term, but equally or more important, projects. Employees may also be unfamiliar with ways to plan and delegate work when it becomes overwhelming. With so many distractions and demands on employees’ time, knowing how to deal with them can result in increased focus and greater progress on important projects. This makes time management training that much more important.

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Providing such training early is also essential, as is the opportunity and support for application in the work environment. Like any skill, time management must be learned, and employees must practice using their new skills regularly in order to find what works best for them and transform it into habit. Thus, a combination of in-the-classroom instruction followed by on-the-job practice can be particularly effective. At Taylor Mason, our time management course designers recognize this, and our courses are thus structured to effectively provide employees at all levels with foundational skills they need to form successful habits managing their time.


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