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Telephone CourseTelephone  Courses 

Taylor Mason solutions recognises the vital and indispensable role that telephone communication plays in the ultimate success of a business. Although digital communication such as emailing is quickly gaining popularity, the art of telephone communication is still very relevant and extremely essential. A telephone training course is the most effective way to impart the skills of telephone communication to employees. This is why we developed a telephone training course that is specifically tailored to teach the skills that professional telephone etiquette. Here is a brief run-down of the reasons this telephone training course is an absolute necessity for a business.

1.) Helps employees appreciate the necessity of telephone communication in enhancing the agenda of a business.

Professional communication through the phone is a complex technique that requires time and practice to master. This training course gives learners a unique opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to use make telephone communication more effective and productive.

2.) Teaches learners the right professional language and intonation to use in communicating with business clients.

This telephone training course focuses on ensuring that the learners ultimately understand that excellent professional telephone etiquette is a combination of the right words and the appropriate tone. The learners will not only be taught on proper word selection but also on using the right professional tone when handling business clients and when addressing customer complaints.

3.) This telephone training course imparts the skill of creating a perfect balance between being friendly and professional.

This telephone training course also has specific lessons intended on enabling the learners master the art of striking a perfect balance between being warm and friendly while maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism. The entire course is structured around the idea that professional telephone etiquette requires skills such as patiently dealing with difficult customers and sounding polite even when the person on the other end is rude.

4.) Helps learners to structure professional telephone conversations to ensure alignment with the image that a business wants to project to potential consumers and business partners.

This telephone training course considers the fact that it is through telephone communication that potential consumers and businesses partnership in touch with the business. This means that effective telephone communication enables proper branding and projection of a professional image. This telephone training course teaches learners how to establish a trustworthy and professional rapport with its business partners and potential consumers.

5.) This telephone training course teaches learners how to structure phone calls in a way that enables the business to acquire essential information.

Some of the skills that this telephone training course aims to teach learners is the art of listening with the intent of gathering as much useful information as possible. This entails structuring phone calls in a way that makes the person on the other end of the line comfortable and positively responsive. The learners will be guided on how to stay calm even when they have a difference of opinion with the callers or are dealing with extremely difficult people.

Apart from having a well-thought structure that is aimed at ensuring learners have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of professional telephone communication; this telephone training course also includes a viable and reliable bespoke telephone course that is necessary for a call centre or an office. This additional telephone training package recognises that the needs of a call centre are unique and require to be designed from the outset to enable the delivery of uniform and cohesive professional responses. Some of the techniques we teach under this telephone training course include;

Teaching learners how to develop appropriate call centre behaviour

The telephone training course that we offer will teach all the personal at a calling centre how to work together as a team. This means having a form of cohesion when it comes to telephone communication in terms of the structure and language. This course will be focused on helping call centre teams to develop cohesiveness in telephone communication.

How to grab and retain the interest of callers

This telephone training course teaches personnel how to interact professionally on a phone in a warm yet professional way that intrigues callers and increases the chances of building and retaining consumer loyalty. The course is tailored towards ensuring that all personnel at the call centre knows how to be persuasive and interesting but still professional.

Finally, we also offer an efficient and result-oriented bespoke telephone course which tailors courses to ensure they meet the specific needs of your organisation. This is because we realise that every organisation has unique objectives and therefore requires customised telephone communication techniques that address the needs of its potential clients, existent clients and business partners. We are equipped with experienced and knowledgeable experts who will design a training program that caters specifically for the needs of your organisation. Bespoke learning has made our telephone training courses more efficient as it has enabled incorporation of a client’s unique cultural and corporate requirements into a course. Bespoke learning comes in handy when there has been a change in an organisation such as new equipment, processes, systems or employment of new personnel.

This telephone techniques course is a great way of ensuring telephone communication is effectively utilised.

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