Taylor Mason works with BBC on equality and diversity report

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Examples of Diversity Training

Equality & Diversity

To create awareness of equality and diversity in the workplace, the BBC filmed our diversity training for a featured news story.

‘Diversity’ refers to the variety of people and their characteristics, beliefs and preferences. With the introduction of The Equality Act 2010, it is essential businesses are aware of the changes and applicable penalties.

Leading training company, Taylor Mason Training works with companies of all sizes to ensure they are equality and diversity compliant and develop there cultural sensitivity.


The Equality Act passed into law on 6 April 2010 with many of its provisions coming into effect in October 2010.  The intention of the Act is to harmonise the fragmented discrimination legislation but it also introduces some new restrictions which you need to be aware of as employers.

Set out below is an at a glance review of some of the key changes introduced by the Equality Act and due to come into force in October 2010. Between now and October we will be publishing more detailed updates in “bite size” chucks to help all readers understand the important changes which this Act is introducing.

Invest in your Main Asset|Human Resources TrainingTaylor Mason cultural diversity training 

This equality diversity course is perfect for diverse teams and organisations, working positively with diversity provides motivated and included team members. This diversity training course will give you an overview and understanding of the key issues relating to diversity in the workplace – what is diversity, what it looks and feels like in practice, and why it is important to the success of your organisation, your team and your colleagues.

Our diversity course is practically based and interactive in nature, utilising a range of learning methods including pair’s exercises, tutor input, plenary discussion, group work and case studies.

The key learning from this course will enable you to understand:

  • What is diversity?
  • Define diversity and how it differs from a traditional view of equal opportunities
  • Explain a range of benefits to taking a diversity led approach to the workplace
  • Use appropriate equality diversity language and terminology within the workplace
  • Describe the content of their own diversity, equal opportunities policies, and consider their responses to a range of ‘real world’ diversity issues
  • Describe the consequences and effects of harassment and bullying
  • Explain how harassment and bullying situations should be dealt with, in line with organisational policy
  • Define cultural diversity and some of the ways that it manifests itself – in all aspects of life
  • Describe some of the ways in which different groups of people differ, in terms of cultural diversity – such as customs and practices, and ways of communicating
  • State their response to a number of practical issues of cultural difference, which they may experience as part of their job
  • Prepare a personal action plan for how to transfer their learning from today back to the workplace


Pre-Course Work:

There is no pre course work required for this equality diversity training; the course will aim to change your attitudes to diversity. We also offer training for managers – the diverse manager

Proposed Course Outline:

The topics covered within this diversity training course are:

  • Defining Equality and Diversity
  • Benefits of Diversity to an organisation
  • Equality and Diversity and the Law
  • Diversity in the organisation
  • Diversity in practice – Examples and case studies
  • Language and Terminology
  • Harassment and Bullying
  • Performance management or bullying?
  • Cultural diversity – an introduction
  • Cultural diversity in practice – Examples and case studies
  • Personal action planning
  • Evaluation and Close



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