Taylor Mason Coaching

Taylor Mason Coaching

Why have executive coaching?

Coaching can be split into a number of categories of delivery, at one level it can be used effectively to help develop skills within the workplace however, most senior managers have plenty of skills, and indeed most managers within the UK have been promoted to their senior rank due to excellence in their technical ability.

Executives normally come to coaching to assist their migration journey from technical expert into an executive, leadership role and can benefit from coaching to help in that transition. To a certain extent this is still skill based development but requiring a change in mind set rather than functional skill change.

Three business coaching sessions is  to support business and marketing development utilising the Grow Model.

Taylor Mason Coaching


Session 1

Strategic Planning Where we will use the Grow Model to develop an overall plan for the client to follow for the coming year to achieve corporate objectives: Objectives should be SMART.

 Specific
 Measurable
 Actionable
 Realistic
 Timely

Session 2

Tactical Planning Where we can use the Grow Model to consider barriers to progress and overcome barriers to such progress

Session 3

Where we can reassess session 2 and once again use the Grow Model to consider barriers and overcome such barriers to progress.

In commercial terms, Taylor Mason provides executive coaching for a fixed price which includes at least one 1:1 coaching session per month and up to 10 email and telephone support contacts during that period if required. Contracts can run on a minimum of a three-month basis and extended on a three-month rolling basis thereafter.


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