Tailored Training Tailored Training

Solutions for Your Organisation

Effective training is a key component in the development of an efficient, knowledgeable and dynamic workforce. A properly trained team of managers and staff will go a long way towards ensuring that your organisation thrives in an ever challenging marketplace.

We know that every business is unique and that its personnel are individuals. Training requirements and resources vary from organisation to organisation and from person to person. That is why we offer tailored training solutions that blend seamlessly with the specific requirements of your business.

What Subjects Our Tailored Training Courses Cover

Tailored training solutions are available in a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Health and SafetyTailored Training
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Supervisory Training
  • Sales, Marketing and Business Development
  • Personal Development
  • Microsoft and IT
  • Communication
  • Management Development
  • Finance
  • Social Media

Our training courses, in a variety of disciplines under each of these headings, cover every aspect of the topic, ensuring that our trainees are able to access an integrated, comprehensive and holistic training programme.

In addition to the in-house training courses that we provide, we also offer tailored training programmes through public training courses, which can be more flexible and accessible and are particularly suitable for smaller groups of trainees.  These courses are held in a variety of locations in the UK and Ireland.

Why Tailored Training?

As we have already stated, every business is unique and its personnel are individuals with training needs that may be specific to them. For that reason, tailored training solutions are designed to dovetail with the requirements and resources of the particular business. We will assess the training needs and resources of your business and advise you as to how best to meet these within your organisational structure. We will collaborate with you regarding the specific courses that we offer and if these do not correspond with what you are looking for from your training programme we will adapt them by combining or merging complimentary elements of the courses into one tailored training solution.

For smaller organisations that may lack the personnel resources to attend a full day workshop we are able to offer a condensed, accelerated half-day alternative, once again tailoring the training programme to the requirements and resources of your business.

Our professional trainers are available to advise, assist and help you to formulate an effective tailored training solution with your entire management and staff team and to assist in implementing the programme in a process that is closely and sensitively attuned to your commercial goals and your practical and staffing resources.

Tailored Training – The Best Training Solution

Tailored TrainingWe believe that effective training programmes involve working closely with our clients, consulting closely with them in relation to both the formulation of the programme and its delivery. Whether you want a training programme to be provided in-house, saving significantly on travelling time and expenses, in a neutral location where there are likely to be fewer distractions or to form part of one of our public training courses we will work with you to ensure that you receive exactly what you require.

Our tailored training is directed at various levels, ranging from lightly tailored programmes to fully bespoke, composite, integrated solutions. Our trainers and our tailored training programmes are flexible, versatile and adaptable, allowing us to build your training programme around whatever individual characteristics your business may possess and to deliver a training solution that is closely tailored to enabling your organisation to achieve its business goals.

Tailored training, geared to meet the individual requirements, resources and aims of your organisation, is the most effective way of ensuring that the training that is needed to ensure the success of your business is provided in a manner that is closely attuned to you, your organisation and its personnel.

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