Supervisor Courses

Supervision Courses

Supervisor Courses

As a supervisor, you have many different levels of responsibility. Answering to both your team and your managers is often challenging, especially if you are new to the supervisor role or have recently been promoted. Taking on responsibility for the development and activities of your team, leading by example and reporting back to your peers is not as easy as most of us think.

One of the hardest things to accomplish is the transition from being a team member to being a team leader or supervisor. Someone in a supervisory role is no longer on equal terms with their peers and has to earn their respect, show authority and leadership, often having to make unpopular and difficult decisions. Not all new supervisors are equipped with the understanding, knowledge and skills to meet the daily challenges of a supervisor role, but learning these skills will help you become effective, trusted and balanced in your approach to tasks, strategies and development.

Supervisor training is often overlooked, but should be one of the most important elements of an induction into a new supervisory role. To meet this need, our supervisor training courses aim to address the many challenges facing a supervisor, and encompass all of the essential elements of supervision and line management. Our training courses also provide valuable guidance on effective performance and people management, as these skills are essential to meet the needs of the supervisor, team and management.

Our supervisor courses have been developed over time to ensure that after attending, learners have an effective supervisor toolkit which is fit for purpose. During the supervisor training we ensure that all learning is linked back to the reality of the role and the day-to-day challenges that are faced by a supervisor. Together, we will look at examples of real-life situations and work on developing your skills and management style.

We have helped develop and mentor a large number of new and existing supervisors across a wide range of companies, and nothing makes us happier than when we receive feedback on how well both the learner and their teams are getting on. We are often asked to tailor our supervisor courses to suit specific needs and objectives, and we are always happy to discuss this with prospective clients.

Based on our learners’ feedback, we now offer both accredited supervisor training, with a recognised certificate from one of our awarding bodies, and a new supervisor training course, which meets the same high standards but without the added pressure of completing specific tests as in the accredited training.

Below is a selection of our supervisor courses for you to choose from. You may wish to attend one of our public courses across the UK and share experiences with other supervisors from other companies. Alternatively, you can contact one of our friendly team to discuss having the course tailored to you. Have a browse through the courses we provide and please do contact us if you need any more information.

Course DetailsDurationDelivery methodEnquire about courses
New Supervisor Training1 dayPublic CoursesEnquire
Leading Teams Effectively1 DayIn-HouseEnquire
Accredited Supervisor Training Level 31 dayIn-house & publicEnquire
Leadership Skills for Supervisors1 dayIn-houseEnquire
Accounting Skills for Supervisors2 daysIn-houseEnquire
The ABC`s of Supervising Others2 daysIn-houseEnquire
The Professional supervisor3 daysIn-houseEnquire
Business Leadership3 daysIn-houseEnquire



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