Supervising Skills- 8 Crucial Skills

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Supervising Skills- 8 Crucial Skills

  1. Communication

Supervisors with developed communication skills are able to use listening techniques and nonverbal strategies to improve conversations.

Communication Strategies

Communication Funnel

It is essential for a supervisor to be able to balance time constraints and a heavy workload while managing other employees and projects.

Having excellent communication skills allows supervisors to speak with impact, whether it be off-the-cuff dialogue or brief updates to their team. It is essential to keep thoughts organized and to the point.

Giving and receiving feedback is another area that can be improved with developed communication skills. When using the right techniques, feedback can be used to reinforce or change behavior.

  1. Conflict Resolution

Conflict is when change happens and stances differ. When a supervisor has the ability to manage conflict well, issues come to resolutions and successful relationships are developed.

A supervisor’s ability to define and identify conflict styles, causes, and methods for handling conflict can improve the department’s or organization’s productivity.

  1. Leadership

Supervisors with leadership skills help bring accountability to their teams by creating a supportive and motivating work environment.Leadership Skills for Supervisors

Leaders are able to delegate and manage a wide variety of skillsets. It is important for supervisors to lead their teams in the most effective way by recognizing where the strengths are, where improvement is needed, and how to properly use the skillsets of each team member.

  1. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a crucial skill in understanding how to methodically, strategically, and collaboratively make decisions, solve problems, and foster innovation.

A supervisor with critical thinking skills has the ability to develop a step-by-step process from targeting the problem to developing a solution.

Critical thinking also helps in situations in which groups have different thinking styles and need a collaborative environment created to successfully work through issues.

  1. Interpersonal Skills

Different from communication skills, interpersonal skills are important for a supervisor to identify and build a purposeful team culture within an organization.

Interpersonal skills enable an individual to develop highly effective teams that are built upon consensus, effective meetings, social style understanding, and relationships.

  1. Time and Priority Management

Supervisors with time and priority management skills can boost productivity and efficiency.

Being able to balance a heavy workload and time constraints while managing and delegating other employees and projects is an essential skill.Time Management Courses

It is ideal for supervisors to understand what is urgent and what is important.

Supervisors with time and priority management skills are able to understand the differences in employee’s time and priority management and adjust projects and workloads to ensure success.

  1. Diversity and Generational Differences in the Workplace

It is crucial for supervisors to have the ability to be aware of workplace diversity and understand the gaps and differences that exist as well as their impact.

Being aware of diversity issues helps supervisors appreciate the different experiences and places value on the impact it has on the workplace.

  1. Problem Solving

Good problem-solving skills are fundamentally important within the workplace.

A valuable supervisor is someone who not only knows how to take an issue and find the root of the real problem but also has a process for solving the problem in a structured manner. Supervisors with excellent problem-solving skills can greatly benefit any organization.

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