Speak, wave, touch: How to do it right. Natural User Interfaces.

Speak, wave, touch, How to do it right, User research insights about Natural User InterfacesJust a few years ago, our common understanding of “online” was tightly linked to the notion of a yellowish desktop computer with a tube monitor, a keyboard and a wired mouse. Today, novel user interfaces and devices are rapidly entering the digital sphere. Speech recognition, gesture and touch input promise a more natural interaction between a human and a machine. These input modes pose new challenges to the UX community. Which mode is suitable for which context and task? How do user knowledge and culture interfere with gestures? Is it a good idea to steer services with natural speech? Should we eventually wave our old mice goodbye with a gesture? Michael Wörmann discussed these questions from a user perspective at UX Poland 2014, drawing on a series of recent Facit Digital studies on natural user interfaces from different industries.

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