Short Minute Taking Skills Course

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Short Minute Taking Skills CourseShort Minute Taking Skills Course

To make sure that meetings achieve what they are meant to and that they’re worth the costs incurred, they ought to have 3 elements: a solid leader or chair, a guarantee of closure, and precise minutes. Think about it – how can a group accomplish its goals with efficacy if the members cannot recall or reach an agreement on what really transpired in a meeting? Our minute taking skills course is designed to enable partakers to understand their duties when given the responsibility to take minutes during meetings as well as get accustomed to the best practice techniques to apply when producing precise and concise minutes.

Professional and confident minute taking

Effective minute taking is crucial in the proper running of an organization and taking effective minutes of meetings has the power to enhance a team’s effectiveness. The minute taking training program that we offer equips participants with the necessary minute taking skills and knowledge needed to take professional minutes in a self-assured manner.

Your firm organises meetings on a daily basis, and the decisions reached at these meetings can easily involve hundreds, if not thousands or millions of dollars. Being armed with proper minute taking skills is paramount because these meetings and minutes can be rendered useless if there’s no accurate official summary of what happens during various times. Our practical course is created in order to assist you record, summarize, compile and produce meeting minutes in a clear, concise and accurate manner.

Minutes taking has changed, so should you

The minute taking course is created to bequeath participants with the latest minute taking and summary skills to ensure that you’re abreast with the finest practice guidelines and note taking techniques of the 21st century. Arguably, the business environment has changed greatly over the last number of years. Minute taking has changed as well. It’s crucial that you update your skills-set to make certain that you’re keeping up with the change, and that you have the capability to deliver in the new office environment.

Although minute taking basics remain the same, nowadays the broader scope of the ways meetings are done means that there’s need to acquire new minute taking skills that are adjustable to bring into line with the new multimedia business environment.

Speedy and effortless minutes taking

With our minute taking course, you’ll learn how to write down professional minutes in meetings and do this speedily and effortlessly. ThisMinute Taking In Meetings course is suitable for whichever kind of meeting that you could be requested or required to take minutes. Signing up for this short course will open the doors for you to offer your business a chance at success with some clear-cut and professionally taken minutes whenever there’s a meeting. To ascertain that you’re all set to produce spot on minutes, the course applies a perfect blend of theoretical approach and practical skills to enable you practice minute taking before going back to your workplace.

Tailored minute taking skills course

We offer a unique minute taking skills course that’s comprehensive and useful in recording the minutes of any meeting. The course is designed, created and presented by professional business executives and tutors, and it incorporates practical experiences. All kinds of minutes taking situations are covered including formal executive board deliberations, informal group meeting, and disciplinary sittings, among others. This course can be conveniently tailored to meet your experience level with minutes taking. However, the powerful course is suitable to everybody involved in minute taking during meetings.

Generally, the whole project is designed to empower you create meeting minutes with ease, professionally, reduce the number of words you use, and save you time when coming up with an effective record of meetings. Additionally, we can provide customised training that’s consistent with your company’s minutes templates if necessary and organize with you to help you adapt our course materials and training accordingly.

What you learn:

During the minute taking in meetings training you learn how to:

  • Work with the chair
  • Minutes preparation
  • Summarising
  • Formatting the agenda and the meeting minutes
  • Taking good (but not copious) minute notes
  • Writing clear meeting minutes

During the course you cover:

Taking meeting minutes – writing minutes – minute taking                                                                                      

  • Purpose of meetings
  • Purpose and styles of minutes
  • Determining how much detail is needed
  • Formats and content of the agenda
  • Formats and content of the meeting minutes
  • How to prepare well before minute taking
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • Working with the chair – getting his/her help with your minute taking
  • Listening skills
  • Improving note taking
  • Turning notes into meeting minutes
  • Editing summary and action plans

Minute Taking – The Agenda

  • The purpose content and structure of the meeting’s agenda
  • What the items mean
  • Writing the agenda as a control tool for the chair
  • Adequate and inadequate agendas

Minute Taking – Format of Meeting Minutes

  • What goes where?
  • Making the minutes useful but easy to read
  • Terminology such as in attendance, apologies, matters arising, committee business, any other business, etc
  • Coping with items like part-time attendance, in-hand, completed, etc
  • Conventions

Minute Taking – Responsibilities and Preparation

  • You and the chair – Who does what?
  • Before, during and after the meeting
  • Good preparation
  • Building a working partnership

Minute Taking – Listening and Note Taking:

  • Barriers to good listening
  • What gets in the way?
  • Overcoming the barriers
  • Tips for improving listening when taking minutes
  • Workable ideas for improving note taking
  • Keeping up
  • What to do when you get lost
  • Using the 80:20 rule

Minute Taking – From Notes to Meeting Minutes

  • A professional writer’s technique to make writing minutes easier and better
  • Writing the draft minutes – just one draft!
  • Editing the draft minutes into the final version

Clearly, this course will help you appreciate the need for holding meetings and recording minutes correctly. Attending this course means that you will be able to understand your duties and responsibilities if you’re taking minutes in a meeting, as well as learn effective minute taking skills. You will also explore the various styles of minute presentation and learn how to get ready for and follow-up after meetings. Enroll today and get on the train to perfection in this sort of thing.

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