In the running of an organization, a secretary is an essential part of the workforce. The role a secretary plays is vital to the success of any organization; small, medium or large organization.

A secretary is an exciting career path with lots of opportunities. You would agree that a secretary needs to be very productive in an organization to help keep it on par with its competitors.

Given the fact that the past decades have seen an increase or continuous changes, it becomes necessary for secretaries to take a secretarial course or go on secretarial training to further sharpen their skills.

Then you might ask, what are the ways by which a secretary will improve his/her productivity? Truly it is not rocket science to be productive in discharging secretarial duties. Therefore, this article will help broaden your horizon and arm you with the necessary information that will ensure you become productive as a secretary. Ability to work at maximum productivity in the office environment has really become a necessity in order to get  a rewarding role and work efficiently.

Below are some of the ways by which you can increase your productivity in the office

  1. Ability to meet up with deadlines

Punctuality is a key attribute of a productive secretary/PA. The role a secretary plays in an organization demands punctuality –punctuality in the sense of meeting deadlines. This in itself cannot be overemphasized. A secretary cannot afford to be late in proving briefings, meetings, delivering memos, etc. A secretary is expected to be on time in discharging the daily secretarial duties. Failure to do that can effect the whole organisations or department.

For example; a mail is required to be sent to a client at a stipulated time, at say 11:00 A.M. Punctuality demands that a secretary prepare, schedule and deliver the mail on or before the 11:00 A.M. If you have issues meeting deadlines then you might consider a time managment course  or taking secretarial courses that will help you better understand yourself and show you how to meet up with deadlines. Failures of the secretary to meet up with deadlines could cost a company or an organization loss indirectly through delayed delivery of important documents. If you want to be an effective secretary then your first priority should be meeting critical timelines.

  1. Take Secretarial training courses

In the past, the secretarial profession was merely being a support in the office, but recently, that has changed. A secretary now has to contend with challenges arising from modern office needs. This, in turn, means an inability to meet up with such demand can be stressful and effect your career as a secretary.

This is why attending a  secretarial training courses is advised as your secretarial skills will be improved to meet business and office trends. Some people believe secretarial jobs are not demanding and do not see the need for secretarial training. Secretarial training is important for any secretary of the 21st century -from the minute taking in meetings to proper time management, will equip you with the skills you need. Just as change is constant in the business world, different trends come along with secretarial roles which is why secretarial courses will help you come up to date on the latest dos and don’ts of a secretary.

  1. Internet

Gone are those days where the basic knowledge of a typing was good enough qualification for working as a secretary in a firm. The post has gone beyond that and the use of the internet is more or less a very instrumental tool for secretaries –the internet we know has come to stay. It has become part of every organization activities. To be productive, the secretary needs to harness the power of the internet and technologies. This will enable the easier execution of tasks on time and boost productivity The internet will enable a secretary to have easy access to information and improve communications.

Based on this, as a secretary, you might want to take online secretarial training courses that will arm you to be productive. The internet has been used in several fields and secretarial jobs are not left out. With the internet at your disposal, you can be assured of increased productivity while carrying out your secretarial duties.

  1. Try out free or paid secretarial courses online

Learning never ends –no one is born with the attributes of a secretary. The skills and attributes are usually developed. To be great and thrive in your secretarial career, you will need ample training. These are not random based but specifically targeted such as professional secretarial training.. You can attend a public secretarial course or we can also design for individual needs at taylormason.

  1. Find out when you are most productive

Another means by which you can improve productivity in the workplace as a secretary is through self-discovery –finding when you’re most productive. Ability to identify  this will help you properly manage both yourself and your manager. In order to enhance your productivity, try scheduling the bulk of your activities into the time you are most alert. Once most of your work is carried out during your prime time, whatever is left can be done within the remaining time.

Work that requires lesser concentration can be done during the time when you are beginning to get drained or when fatigue. Once you set your priorities right as a secretary, you can be guaranteed of increased productivity.

 Final Verdict

In the end, as a secretary, to be relevant and most importantly be on top of  your secretarial job or career, you might want to apply these techniques in order to improve your productivity. Register for a secretarial course today and be the most productive you can be.

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