Secretarial SkillsSecretarial Skills

Aims and Objectives:

 The aim of this secretarial skills course will be to provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to be successful and prepared secretary/PA. The course is delivered either as a public course from various locations around the UK, or as an in-house course for groups (up to 12 per group).


What you learn:

Your role as a secretary Time management / Diary management Minute taking / Speed reading Touch typing Communication skills

During the course you cover:

  • What makes a successful secretary?
  • Defining your role and what is required of a highly proficient secretary
  • Identifying the skills and qualities for success
  • Completion of a SWOT analysis
  • Developing your role and determining the way forward
  • Understanding your manager’s role Contributing to your manager’s success
  • Defining your own and your manager’s/team’s objectives
  • Building a successful working relationship with your manager and team members
  • Balancing the needs of more than one manager
  • Communicating effectively through assertiveness
  • Effective listening and questioning skills
  • Building rapport in face-to-face communication
  • Identifying passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Saying no without feeling guilty
  • Handling difficult behaviours, people & situations
  • Interacting effectively at all levels – dealing with difficult people Identifying and dealing with the underlying causes of difficult behaviour
  • Adopting an appropriate approach in a variety of situations
  • Taking greater control and responsibility

Format & Duration:

The programme is 5 days in length and can be delivered in one block or split up to allow practice time between the sessions. Our public course is scheduled in 2x2x1 format helping to minimise disruption. Each course is delivered by a professional trainer who has experience in each of the topics. Each session will benefit from interactive and participative delivery style and will attempt to link the learning to each delegate’s workplace/role even in the public course environment.


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