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Are you looking to develop tomorrows successful sales team members or support existing members meet and exceed their current performance?
Taylor Mason , in conjunction with the ISMM supply business to business support in sales development & improvement. Our sales development support is provided through experienced business people with many years experience in sales and sales management and our style of support ensures habit forming changes to performance for key individuals.

ISMM qualifications are recognised by the UK government’s regulator Ofqual and are available on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). This means that they are internationally recognised in the same way as GCSEs, A- Levels and university degrees.

We offer our courses in Levels 2-6, to give you an indication of levels, Level 2 is equivalent to GCSEs whilst Level 3 is equivalent to A Levels. Level 6 is equal to a university degree.
We produce work based development programmes that suit your business, which deliver identifiable and measurable improvements. We work with your team over time both in providingOfqual learning and in the field assessment and support to ensure improvement takes place. Our solutions can carry universally recognised credits through the QCF scheme that can help your staff gain higher education qualifications.


If you already have in house sales training programmes, we can work with you to accredit them so they provide recognised sales qualifications.

Taylor Mason have a range of training programmes and awards ranging from entry level through to sales director level that can be awarded with internationally recognised qualifications through the ISMM and that are recognised through Ofqual.

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