Recruitment & Selection Process

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Recruitment and selection processRecruitment and Selection Process

An effective recruitment and selection process is crucial to both new and well-established organisations. It is important that your company’s department of human resources has the expertise as well as proficiency of employment professionals to help the hiring managers apply the right procedures to make certain that the organisation’s leaders are making correct hiring decisions. There’re a number of pieces that your hiring managers need to be put together in the recruitment and selection process that require the capacity to:

· Source candidates,

· Review and track candidates,

· Conduct interviews and

· Select qualified candidates for employment

Poor recruitment is costly

A poor recruitment and selection process can translate to huge costs being incurred by your company as it can lead to large amounts of money and time being wasted. Selecting the wrong people and employing wrongly chosen candidates who may not carry out the work as effectively as it was intended will create inefficient and wasted effort. Persons who aren’t fit for the job will have problems meeting the set goals and standards of performance. Consequently, the company may experience high employee turnover, which would require you to begin the recruitment and selection process all over again.

Undertake legal and effective recruitment

This recruitment and selection course centres on providing managers, HR and staff responsible for recruitment with the expertise to undertake legally binding and effective recruitment processes and procedures ranging from short listing to interviewing and selecting. Participants of this recruitment training will be able to design and carry out the most suitable recruitment and selection process whenever there’s a vacancy that needs to be filled. The recruitment and selection training course focuses on the initial stage of managing your human resources, which is attracting and selecting staff. Although recruitment and selection are normally regarded as a single process, in this course, we differentiate between the initial procedures and deliberations when planning to recruit staff and the procedures for selecting a suitable person from a collection of interviewees.


Recruitment can be thought of as the search for as well as obtaining a collection of prospective candidates who have the desired talents, knowledge and experience to enable a company to select the most suitable persons to take job positions against well-defined vacancy descriptions and stipulations. The recruitment process is meant to provide the right collection of applicants to offer the best chance of selecting the best-suited individuals for the  roles in the business. Our recruitment training can help your organisation acquire the finest candidates for the available vacancies and give the organisation competitive advantage over others. It is important to note that a poor recruitment and selection process can lead to massive disruption of operations, curtailed productivity, poor customer service, interpersonal difficulties and increased costs of running a business.


After a collection of applicants has been found through your channels, the most suitable candidate(s) are chosen through selection procedures that include interviewing, testing and reference checking. The selection process is meant to ascertain that the best-fit  person(s) get the appointment to available vacancies through the use of effective, just and equitable evaluation procedures.

Understand the recruitment process

Recruitment ought to be planned and executed carefully so as to be appealing to the most appropriate  applicants. Ultimately, a properly planned recruitment and selection process provides  your company a better opportunity to make the best a  choice of appointment, for both the candidate and organisation.  At times, a hiring manager’s involvement could be restricted to discussing the importance of a certain position in a team or department, and at other times, they may have to conduct job interviews.Whatever the level of involvement, this training will give participants a better understanding the entire recruitment and selection process in order to have an effective input to the hiring process of your company.

What you learn:

This recruitment and selection training course enables you to:

  • Describe the features of a ‘best practice’ recruitment process
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of different selection methods and interview formats
  • Use effective questioning skills to select the best candidate for a role
  • Explain the legal requirements of recruitment interviewing (e.g. legislation relating to discrimination)
  • Generate appropriate questions and interview topics to be used in live interviews
  • Demonstrate effective interviewing skills through skills practice and feedback in a safe environment
  • During the course you cover:

During this recruitment and selection training course, you will learn about:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • The recruitment process – best practice guide, and how to overcome problems and pitfalls
  • The legal framework for recruitment
  • Questioning skills, topics, and techniques
  • Listening skills and note taking
  • Practice interview sessions, including preparation time and feedback
  • Personal action planning
  • Course evaluation and close

Who can take the course

Our recruitment and selection training course is designed for HR specialists and management. The training can be done to as few as two or three persons, with the cost being attuned to the smaller group requirement. Additionally, the training can be administered for large groups, as is normally the case for larger companies that engage in large-scale recruitment. We can deliver the course in-house or nearby your premises and tailor it to meet your organisation’s or delegates’ needs. Contact us today to see how we can partner in your company’s recruitment and selection process.

Delivery Options

Our Selection and recruitment courses are offered in-house to companies and individuals. Every in-house course is tailor-made to fit specific client needs and combat any challenges. The course will help improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

In-house training for groups is charged at £949 and certificates are awarded upon completion.

Public Course Information & Booking: Public Courses – £250 per delegate including refreshments/certificate

Our London-based Successful Recruitment  & Selection Interviewing:

(Public Courses – £475 per delegate including refreshments/certificate contact us for dates throughout 2016/17)

Call Us 0843 289 1713


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