Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

Do you need help with your recruitment and selection process? If so, take a look at Taylor Mason. At Taylor Mason, we are here to make your recruitment process more successful than ever. We have years of experience behind us when it comes to delivering courses and can assist you if you’re eager to get your staff enrolled onto a Recruitment and Selection training course.

Getting the recruitment process wrong can be very costly. Not only can it be expensive in terms of financial expenditure, it can also take up a great deal of time and impact your business adversely. Employing the wrong person can also mean business grinding to a halt and tasks not being carried out effectively. This is why training recruitment staff up properly is essential. We are here to help you get things right first time, to reduce staff turnover and to help you avoid having to start the recruitment and selection process all over again.

  • Our Recruitment and Selection training courses give managers and supervisors the expertise they need to shortlist, select and interview effectively and help you build the idea recruitment process for your business.

We deliver professional training to companies from a wide range of sectors, including FTSE 100 clients, public sector organisations and small-to-medium enterprises. We work hard to understand our clients’ needs and design training to address their requirements perfectly. Working hard to fill ability gaps, we ensure our interventions link to our awarding bodies and are able to provide training for individual clients as well as organisations.

  • Our courses enable you to tailor the interview process to your exact needs, refine your own behaviour appropriately and ensure your processes are fully compliant with the law and our training.

We can deliver this course to groups as small as 2-3 or much larger groups. We can outline a number of different selection methods and interview formats whilst helping you create questions suitable for your organisation and its specific needs. You’ll learn more about personal action planning, practice sessions, note taking, listening skills, techniques, giving feedback and much more. This training can be delivered on or off your premises.

Talk to us today if you need recruitment and selection process training. We are here to help you excel.

Delivery Options

Our Selection and recruitment courses are offered in-house to companies and individuals. Every in-house course is tailor-made to fit specific client needs and combat any challenges. The course will help improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

In-house training for groups is charged at £949 and certificates are awarded upon completion.

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