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When you have new hires, Open Training Courses quickly get them up to speed on the responsibilities they will be facing. Each new staff member can get personalized training based on the needs of the employer, ensuring they are prepared for the job they are about to take on. Many studies have shown that the right training helps new hires to truly excel at their job, while also developing the passion for their job which keeps them at the company for decades. You don’t have to be told that this will save a business a great deal of time and money with regard to attrition of employees. Businesses that are known for providing great training opportunities to new employees end up attracting the best applicants as soon as a position is advertised, too.

Your current employees can learn new procedures, or learn new roles in your expanding business, with the help of flexible Open Training Courses. You will notice that your current employees will be more than happy to learn new skills which benefit their work quality and also build self-value in their position, all of which benefit your company as a whole.
Open Training Courses let staff members develop versatile skills, so that they can assume additional duties and stay interested in their jobs. When you have a staff member who plans to move laterally within your firm, training can help them quickly get up to speed, allowing benefit to both employee and employer.
Open Training Courses will usually involve someone teaching a group of students in a training session. From a traditional classroom-style lesson which includes exercises to complete to a seminar, workshop or presentation with discussion period afterwards, sessions can take on many different styles and techniques. But you can use all of these modes: public training courses can happen in a day-long session that includes all the other elements mentioned. At the same time, you can personalize all training to meet the specific needs of the group participating, which is why Open Training Courses use techniques which build the group as a whole, from leading discussions to engaging in dramatic recreations of situations.

Research shows that group learning is often the most effective with regard to employee training sessions. That is because of many factors, including how available feedback is and the place where the learning is happening.
When you train collectively, everyone gets feedback from their peers, as well as from the trainer and so the experience is more complete. Only when the student wants to learn can they truly be successful in their training, which is often the case if co-workers are able to train at the same time and the same location. On top of that, when the training is provided in a place which feels safe, the students will feel even more connected to their learning, more open to trying out something new, less anxious about messing up and happier to learn when they do make a mistake. That is going to ensure that those participating understand and know how to use the fundamentals.

 Sharing the experience

When all these criteria have been satisfied, the team members taking the training will:

  • Be more responsible
  • Share more often
  • Continue to accept learning opportunities
  • Make behavioural changes
  • When what is taught is truly accepted by the participants, the group will build their connection as a team, being more accountable for their actions and also growing as individuals, because of the shared learning experience they engaged in.
  • That feeling of expectation will most likely underpin the experience and allow the learning to take hold.
  • All of that means that group training can be very advantageous for everyone involved.
  • Whenever your staff needs to learn something new, change behaviours or alter the culture of the company, Open Training Courses allow them to learn as a team, understanding the learning better and accept the new techniques taught.
  • There’s improvement all-around in regard to value and productivity.

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