Minute Taking In Meetings

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Everyone, who was at the business meeting, tried to take notes with ideas and thoughts. It is called the meeting minutes and actions. Nine times out of ten these notes were not circulated or where inaccurate, important information was lost and we do not referred to these notes anymore. However, we must underestimate the value of good meeting minutes. If they are taken accurately, meeting minutes will serve as an important documentation and a record of the main decision points. Meeting minutes are used by attendees to remember the action  points and the points that were discussed during the meeting.  Along with that, meeting minutes are applied to inform non-attendees about main decisions and achievements of the meeting.

Generally, official minutes are recorded during the meeting by secretary, typist or volunteer. They can use recording software and then turn audio records into clarified meeting minutes.  For example, board meeting minutes are legal documentation and should be kept for 5 – 10 years.

Every organisation sets its own rules on how to take notes and who will be responsible for them.  It is more important to record information about the outcomes and the final decisions of the meeting, but not about what was discussed in general.

Become a better listener: Learn how to remain focused during minutes, ensuring all important information is committed to paper or electronically. We can also help you prepare minutes more efficiently, giving you further information about organisational methods, proofreading and writing drafts.

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