Why would you want to learn Touch Typing?

Why would you want to learn Touch Typing?Why would you want to learn Touch Typing?

Do you currently hunt and peck when using a computer keyboard?

If you were to take the time to look into the benefits of learning keyboard typing skills, we are sure that you would be thoroughly amazed with the increase in speed and efficiency you can achieve with the added benefit of reducing the risk of RSI. 

What are typing and keyboard typing skills?

Touch typing is a popular method for using a keyboard to type words with greater accuracy and proficiency. After learning to touch type, you will be able to use the keyboard without looking at your fingers, allowing you to increase your overall speed as well as cutting down on your mistakes.

The main idea behind typing is placing your fingers on a set group of keys called the home keys. In this basic position, your thumbs restTouch Typing on the space bar while your other fingers are positioned on the middle row of the keyboard.

As you type, the finger that is closest to the key, which you are attempting to strike is used to press each key. After the desired key has been pressed, the finger returns to its home key. Using this method, the movement of your finger is always as short and quick as possible.

Who is Touch Typing Suitable for?

Keyboard typing skills are suitable for any one of any age including kids, who regularly use the keyboard and who want to increase both their speed and their accuracy, either for work or for extensively using the keyboard.

 What would you expect from being able to touch type?

The average person using the touch-type method can reach an average speed of 50 to 70 wpm with some reaching speeds in excess of 80 to 95 wpm. Some typing experts can even reach speeds of over 120 wpm.

Touch typing has been proven time and time again to be the superior method of typing, for speed, as well as proficiency, and is far superior to any other method in use today.

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