ISMM professional sales qualifications

ISMM professional sales qualifications

ISMM professional sales qualifications

ISMM Sales Qualifications are designed to improve the performance of all sales professionals. They equip sales people at every level with proven knowledge and skills helping them to sell more effectively and professionally.

In today’s super competitive markets professional qualifications help you and your organisation stand out from the competition, give you an edge and bring immediate benefits to the bottom line.

Professional qualifications offer assurance to employers and customers of your competence, commitment to professional development and knowledge of your chosen sector.

ISMM Level 3 Qualifications in Sales and Marketing

Level 3 sales qualifications are designed to develop the skills and knowledge of sales professionals typically in a business development and account manager role.

The following are some of the large organisations currently delivering ISMM sales qualifications to their sales force:

BT, AXA, Deloitte,  SIG, Hilti, Aggregate Industries, Lafarge, EDF, Eon, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Calor, PHS , Microsoft, Oracle, Virgin , Signet, GSK, Heineken and SAB Miller.

For business development and account manager roles the most suitable qualification is Level 3. This is the qualification that all the large organisations put their sales people through for these roles.

This is what three people had to say after completing ISMM Level 3 qualifications:

James Morfitt – Calor Gas “I was able to apply what I was learning immediately. It enabled me to feel and be more professional”.

Sue Martin – AXA  “ it’s the only course I have been involved with that synchronised completely with my day job, so my buy-in was110%”  Martin won the AXA Account Manager of the Year for 2012

Neil McDougall – AVSL Ltd ‘‘I had no formal qualifications,I had lots of experience, what the course did for me was to  fill in all the gaps as it formalised and theorised all the things I thought I was doing right.’’



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