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Everyone has at a point or the other, come in contact with influential persons- who can control situations, almost without logic. The term ‘influential’ here, does not imply bossy people.  I mean people who can express themselves. They interact effectively with virtually every other person around them,  and do so excellently.

Then you begin to wonder, “Are some persons divinely blessed with such attributes, while others on the other hand, are rather unlucky- as they seem to be very unsociable and find it difficult to communicate?” (Oh! Interpersonal communication skills).

Maybe a blessing, maybe not. Maybe a genetically inherent ability, maybe not. But one thing is certain- anyone can learn and improve upon interpersonal communication skills. And to think that there are a number of  training courses that can help? Great!

What are Interpersonal communication skills?

As the name implies, interpersonal communication skills are skills that relate to your relationship with people, and how effective these relationships are. They involve the process with which you exchange with others, information, ideas, feelings etc, either verbally or non-verbally. It’s how well you interact with others around you, face-to-face but also with the very busy channels we cannot forget the growing impact of how we use social media.

These skills include; leadership, empathy, teamwork, mentoring, ability to listen effectively, ability to disagree without arguing, ability to offer constructive criticism etc. You’ll agree that such skills are of utmost importance in any successful company/organisation.

No establishment can function effectively if the people and staff have unsettled conflicts or misunderstandings. Little wonder, employers in many organizations are recruiting staff  with excellent interpersonal communication skills, even if they are not the primary skill their role requires  – it aids productivity.

For anyone to be excellent in such skills, there’s a need to get accustomed to practicing the skills. As much as there are several ways to improve on these skills, undergoing interactive training comes with lots of benefits as it is a safe way to learn.

What are Interpersonal communication skills training?

These are programs or communication courses, established for individuals who seek to maximize their potentials to communicate, interact and work well with others around them, thus reducing conflicts. They offer training on communication skills such as recognition of conflicts (even at workplace), dealing with conflicts etc.

These training help to develop emotional intelligence which is a vital aspect of interpersonal communication. They also help you identify your style of communication and help you adapt to a better one, if need be. There is indeed a lot of benefit embedded in such training. Let’s see few of the courses;

  • Training on giving criticism: We can’t always get along with everyone around us. There are times when you are at loggerheads with a colleague or some other person, and you’re in a position to give criticism- it should be a constructive one. You don’t have to be angry or upset about it. You shouldn’t resolve to shy away from the task either. So, what should you do? Here as some options…
  • Simply state the facts. Forget about the resentment you feel.
  • The person has made a mistake, leave that in the past. Proceed to discuss corrections to be made in the future.
  • Don’t forget this- avoid blaming! Instead, suggest positive solutions.

All of these are not something you come up with in a day. Proper grooming on the aspects of handling conflicts and criticism, is needed. And only a good training on interpersonal communication skills can cover such aspects.

  • Training on listening abilities: Not many people are good listeners. Some don’t even listen at all. For others who do, it’s in a bid to argue or make a point. You know what listening does? It helps you to avoid saying the wrong thing.

Listening is also an avenue to learn new information. We cannot even show respect to people around us without listening to them. Care to listen!- You’ll get better on that aspect by undergoing trainings.

  • Training on persuasion skills: You know how rigid some persons can be, yet you need to get them to do what you want. How do you go about this without appearing forceful, bossy, or a tad demanding? You’ll have to learn to use your words very carefully. (Emphasis on carefully).

You must also learn to paint word-pictures which is always not easy. By painting word-pictures, you’ll make the person see the advantages of doing things one way, and the disadvantages of doing them the other way.

You’ll realize that, such persons are obliged to do the task with more advantages- which of course, is your most preferred option.

Good communication skills definitely make our world better. It knits our relationships and eases a lot of tension. Many people including you, will have been victims of situations, arising from a lack of good communication skills.

There is no point hiding and hurting, wishing you could express those ‘traits’ you seem not to have. We can help train you to acquire great communication skills. After all, it’s a communication course. Simply visit the Taylor Mason Website for details on registration. You’ll in no time, begin to communicate with so much confidence, charisma and competence.

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