The impact of a PA training course

The impact of a PA training course

The impact of a PA training course

What does it take to be the best PA? Being a PA involves more than just picking phone calls and taking messages for an executive. A Personal Assistant gives other people the first representation of their organisation or manager. As such, having the right skills will help you work efficiently and represent your manager in a favourable light.


Taylor Mason Training Solutions offer a PA training course that gives personal assistants insights to being the best personal assistant that they are expected to be.

The PA course at Taylor Mason offers skills that double up as the benefits reaped from taking the course.

1. Organisation

Organisation is among the top tasks required of a personal assistant. You are required to organise meetings, appointments, and duties in accordance with their urgency. For starters, a good PA will prioritise proper time management for themselves and their manager(s). In their personal aspect, they will learn how to plan their time to enable them to complete the workloads at hand. This way, you are able to finish your own work and embark on managing your employer’s time. Proper time management skills teach you how to prioritise your employer’s duties with proper allocation of time between personal and work  related duties.

2. Management

A personal assistant is a manager, since they manage their employer’s direct environment which includes employees and clients. The PA training course will teach you how to manage yourself and other employees, the delegation of duties to other parties, running day-to-day operations, and building beneficial relationships.

3. Communication

Communication forms the first active role of a personal assistant. Communication allows you to deliver your duties towards your employer, The impact of a PA training coursefellow employees, and clients. Communication entails both the written and spoken word. Spoken communication is concerned with how to hold telephone conversations with different parties, how to handle face to face conversations in all situations, the tone of voice to use and body language. The written aspect of communication deals with drafting emails and letters, writing memos, and business writing skills. These two aspects affect how other people respond to you as a PA and in turn, your boss. Proper communication leaves both parties satisfied.

4. Assertiveness

Assertiveness is an important skill for personal assistants since it allows you to stand up for what is right and know how to say no politely, yet effectively. This skill teaches you how to stand firm in your decisions and requirements without coming off as rude or too aggressive. It also teaches you how to say no adamantly instead of meekly accepting wrong things.

5. Meeting skills

Meetings and appointments encompass the life of a personal assistant. Personal assistants set up meetings for their employers and in several instances, they attend meetings on behalf of their boss. As such, it is important to be prepared for the meeting with the right information, learn how to take minutes fast and properly, and deliver presentations.

The PA training course at Taylor Mason is an easy to follow yet detailed  two-day course that equips personal assistants with the necessary skills to deliver on their duties and those of their employer.

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