Human Resources Courses

Human Resources Training coursessHuman Resources develop, advise on and implement policies relating to the effective use of personnel within an organisation. Their aim is to ensure that the organisation employs the right balance of staff in terms of skills and experience, and that training and development opportunities are available to employees to enhance their performance and achieve the employer’s business aims. Our Human Resources and Training courses encompass all of the essential elements of HR and training and will provide valuable guidance on effective performance and people management for anyone in a modern HR or training department.  Get the essential skills and knowledge to gain, train and retain the best people. Browse through the numerous human resources courses we provide and contact us for more information.




Cost In-house* Enquire about In-house course
Managing Conflict
Anger Management 1 day £949 enquire
Conflict Resolution – a One Day Primer 1 day £949 enquire
Conflict Resolution – Dealing with difficult people 1 day £949 enquire
Conflict Resolution – Getting Along in the Workplace 2 days £1,950 enquire
Work Performance
Performance Review Training Course 1 day £949 enquire
Discipline and Grievance Training Course 1 day £949 enquire
Employment Law Course 1 day £949 enquire
HR for non-HR manager 3 days £2,750 enquire
Interviewing and selection
Interview Skills and CV Writing Course 1 day £949 enquire
Recruitment and Selection Training 1 day £949 enquire
Headhunting Course 1 day £949 enquire
Behavioural Interview Techniques 1 day £949 enquire
Stress and work environment
Stress Management Training Course 1 day £949 enquire
Stress Relief and Stress Reduction 1 day £949 enquire
Workplace Harassment 2 days £1,950 enquire
Bullying in the Workplace 1 day £949 enquire
Diversity & Equality
Working Positively with Diversity 1 day £949 enquire
The Diverse Manager Training Course 1 day £949 enquire
Diversity in the Workplace 1 day £949 enquire
Equality Impact Assessment Course 1 day £949 enquire


* Travel costs are not included in price – charged at 45 pence per mile


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