How’s your mental health?
It’s World Mental Health Day and new research reveals 60% of people have [Photo: Shalom Mwenesi/Unsplash] experienced issues with their mental health in the past year, but six in 10 of these didn’t discuss it at work. Three out of every five people who took part in the study said their mental health had an impact on their productivity, while more than a third said work contributed to their symptoms.
Scores of individuals and organisations are taking to the internet today to raise awareness of mental health issues and the stigma surrounding these. Read an example in the posts below.

LinkedIn Editors Pick 

Having a mental health issue may be less stigmatized than years ago, but it doesn’t mean employees are actually comfortable discussing their mental health at the office.

A new study, which explores mental health and stigma in the workplace, finds that close to 60% of respondents had symptoms of a mental health condition in the past year—and the same percentage didn’t discuss it at their jobs. About one-third had symptoms that lasted more than a month. Readmore….

[Photo: Shalom Mwenesi/Unsplash]

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