How we create amazing remote online courses

How we create amazing remote online courses – the key benefits

  1. ·        Chat
  2. ·        Use video
  3. ·        Share screensHow we create amazing remote online courses
  4. ·        Use annotations while sharing delegates screen or use the whiteboard
  5. ·        Share tutor’s computer audio; this is a great feature when playing a video

Increased participation

·        The course coordinator  creates a Padlet (beautiful boards, documents, and webpages) prior to the courses and then share it during the training so delegates can contribute in real-time

·        Polling functionality allows staff to create polls which can be deployed to delegates during a training course.

·        Delegates are able to use the reaction tool to provide non-verbal feedback to their course coordinator during training. Reactions are useful for quickly gauging delegate responses to a particular question or topic.

We can share Course plans and content, collaborate a receive training virtually anywhere as group or as an individual.

Keeping  delegates engaged

How we create amazing remote online courses

Online training can be very enjoyable!

Your virtual classroom will be filled with lots of creative, interactive, and inclusive ideas.

We create immersive classroom resources using  Zoom or PowerPoint and Sway by:

  • Bring the training course whiteboard online with Whiteboard.
  • Post a conversation starter and share a file in a channel. All delegates or our tutors will be able to open and read a file shared, as well as comment in the conversation.
  • We can upload important files that delegates do not need to edit in the Class Materials folder of the class.
  • We can start the training course and present to the class by sharing their screen or share a recording.
  • Set up the Class Notebook with the participants to open up even more content sharing possibilities.
  • Create immersive classroom resources using PowerPoint and Sway.

How we create amazing remote online courses

Other Benefits of Online Training

  1. No travel costs
  2. No room hire costs
  3. Sessions can be recorded for later viewing – allows for instant review or repeat viewing.
  4. Course reference materials sent directly to delegates either hard or digital copy.
  5. It improves communication – great for delegates who are otherwise loan workers
  6. It can be scaled more easily,  1 – 1000 workers can attend the same course
  7. Variations can be easily made to suit different delegates experience and knowledge levels

If you would like to know more about how we how we create amazing remote online courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.