Executive PA Training Course

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Executive PA Training CourseExecutive PA Training Course

An executive personal assistant is the right hand of the CEO. Assistants have been credited to contributing at least 40% of their boss’ success due to proper management and communication skills. It is necessary for personal assistants in the industry to take up Executive PA training courses at Taylor Mason Training Solutions in order to acquire marketable skills. Your training course will give you further benefits of working with professional trainers and professionals in the same industry as you.

  1. Teamwork

The PA training course at Taylor Mason runs for two days only. In those two days, you manage to learn new management skills, proper communication etiquette, good posture and body language, and articulate presentation skills. The training sessions involve several other personal assistants in the industry who are seeking to advance their skills. As such, you meet different people and share various ideas on how to work effectively.

  1. Market trends

Several industries encounter changing market trends that arise from changing customer needs and the advancement of technology. The PA training course benefits personal assistants by equipping them with modern management skills that will make their production easier and more effective. Learning new market trends also enables older generation assistants to reenter the job market. The new and existing PAs sharpen their current skills in order to extend their prowess in the industry.

  1. Image development

Personal assistants represent the CEO and the company in question. Your image as a personal assistant is your selling point. Good image entails good posture, good oral and written communication skills. The executive PA training courses at Taylor Mason focus on improving your image as much as they improve your working skills.

  1. Certification

We offer certificates to learners after the two­day training session. Certificates prove that you went through a credible training program to advance your skills. Thus, you may become more marketable to various industries that are searching for your credentials.

  1. Tailor made solutions

The job description of a personal assistant varies from one industry to the next. Executive PA training courses at Taylor Mason offer you the basic PA training with the added bonus of customised solutions. Customised solutions are rendered depending on the type of industry you work in, the type of company you work for, your type of personality and the career goals that you have in mind.

  1. Time saving

The Executive PA training courses at Taylor Mason take two days to complete the full course. This short course is flexible enough for a personal assistant to do it while still working. You may opt to take the sessions at our venues in Birmingham, London, and Southampton or request for training at your work premises. Personalised training sessions enable you to fully take control of your training needs. It may also be a good chance for group training which comes at an affordable rate. The two-day training course may seem short but it is enough time for you to gain a worthwhile experience.

Executive PA training courses at Taylor Mason Solutions are goal oriented in terms of satisfying your career needs for long term purposes. These courses teach you how to counter various problematic situations that you often encounter while working. The best part is that the skills you obtain will make you marketable enough to several companies and industries.

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