Excel Course Training in London

Excel Course Training in LondonExcel Course Training in London

Our objective is to offer tailor-made programs that are aimed at promoting computer skills among individuals. This factor led to the rise of our Excel courses London. Excel is an intricate Microsoft program whose understanding benefits individuals, businesses, and institutions in terms of managing their files. We offer three levels of Excel courses that cater for the different needs of different types of clients.


Excel introduction course

As the name suggests, this Excel course seeks to introduce the user to the basic functions of Excel. As such, it requires no prior knowledge of Excel since the trainers start from the beginning. The training entails knowing how to open the Excel 2010 program, learning the different functions and tools, opening and closing workbooks. In the next step, clients learn how to enter data in the spreadsheet including labels and values. Learners are then taught how to modify recorded data, how to use built­in functions, printing spreadsheets and creating charts using Excel.

Excel intermediate course

The intermediate program requires basic knowledge of Excel. Learners are taught how to work with large sheets and multiple sheets in terms of navigation between sheets, hiding data, displaying data, linking worksheets and linking workbooks. You learn how to use date formulas, conditional formulas and list management skills such as sorting. Documentation, auditing and using built­in templates are also key features of this level.

Excel advanced course

This last Excel course aims at sharpening your Excel skills in order to maximize its features. In this case, learners get to acquire advanced knowledge of Excel such as the use of database functions, data validation, advanced list management, data analysis and integration of Excel with other office programs.

Benefits of Excel course training

Technology makes work easier and programs like Excel help organizations manage their data more efficiently. The Excel course training entails one­day training sessions for each level. As such, clients are equipped with the necessary knowledge in one day, leaving them with enough time to get actual practice in their organizations.

Taylor Mason training sessions take place at predetermined venues in London and clients may opt for personal training in the comfort of their work premises. This gives them the freedom to have a personalized learning experience.

During our training sessions, we equip learners with in­course handbooks and reference material for each level. In this way, learners are able to refer to their notes during private practice and they have detailed information at hand. The best part is that we give learners a 24­month access to trained Microsoft personnel who guide them through their learning process. This is a great chance to get clarification on certain topics and ask as many questions as possible.

We offer Excel courses London training sessions throughout the year on specified dates to give learners the chance to choose their most preferred learning period. Notably, we do not cancel training sessions that have been set hence you are assured of learning on your preferred date without the fear of losing your money.

In order to provide a conducive learning experience, we set out time for breaks and lunch. We offer refreshments during breaks and lunch is offered at a local restaurant or pub.

The learning experience provided by Taylor Mason Solutions is a life changing experience that will see you change the way you record and manage your data for the better.


Contact us now and talk to one of our advisers to ask any question you may have about our training.

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Written by: Emily Njambi At Taylor Mason,

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