Equality Impact Assessment TrainingEquality Impact Assessment Training

Equality Impact Assessment Training is a legal requirement, in the context of public sector equality, which is designed to prevent discrimination in the execution of public duties and ensure that every possible measure is taken in the pursuit of promoting equality. All private organisations and public bodies that are involved in the delivery of public services are under an obligation to:


  1. Construct and publicise policies to monitor any adverse impacts of their practices on equality
  2. Gather data regarding the effects of these policies
  3. Conduct detailed assessment and consultation on the likely impact of the proposed policies on the issue of equality
  4. Carry out ongoing reviews and report on the progress of the policies in promoting equality
  5. Publish the results of monitoring consultations and assessments
  6. Provide appropriate training to employees as to their individual roles, duties, and responsibilities

Renouncing Discriminatory Practices Affecting Customers & Employees

An inclusive and regular Equality Impact Assessment process serves as an extremely effective tool with which organisations can gauge the extent to which their policies meet their intended goals in the pursuit of equality. Equality Impact Assessment also safeguards both customers and employees from discrimination arising from an organisation’s practices and helps public authorities to ensure that their policies are compatible with their aim to reduce discrimination and promote equality.

The goal of our equality impact assessment training is to enhance the understanding of your managers and their staff teams as to what an equality impact assessment entails, the strategies to be adopted, the pivotal policy and legal impetus behind the assessments, the principal aspects and significance of the stakeholder engaging in the process of policy formulation and how an effective equality impact assessment program can have a positive influence on an organisation.

The employees within your organisation are responsible for making a wide range of decisions, in terms of policy, finance and personnel.

Participation in our equality impact assessment programme will help your staff to establish the impact that their decisions will have, good or bad, in relation to their effect on discrimination against protected groups that interact with the organisation.

Step by Step Equality Impact Analysis

Our equality impact assessment training program guides the participants, in a step-by-step process, through all the critical components of Equality Impact Analysis. It is focused on illustrating the equality assessment process on the assumption that there is no previous knowledge or involvement in equality assessment analysis.

Our training program also provides the participants with sufficient time and opportunities to discuss any issues that arise, raise questions and put into practice what the program has taught them. It is designed to demonstrate how to conduct an effective equality assessment through an analysis that utilises equality information and measures the potential and actual impacts of an organisation’s engagement with protected groups. Our equality impact assessment training programme provides assistance in the identification of the practical measures that can be introduced to counter the adverse implications of discrimination and inequality and to promote equality with a view to enhancing personal relations.

What you will learn

Our unique equality impact assessment training program offers your organisation a carefully conceived, empirical methodology for conducting an impact assessment. Participation in the course will help you to:

  1. Define Equality Impact Assessment
  2. Demonstrate the importance of conducting an Equality Impact Assessment and illustrate how it benefits organizations in the achievement of their goals.
  3. Expand on the principle precepts of anti-discriminatory legislation and the specific legal obligations on organizations operating in the public domain to conduct Equality Impact Assessments.
  4. Prepare the required documentation according to the standards of your individual organisation.
  5. Undertake a “real world” Equality Assessment, assisted by the instructor and in conjunction will fellow training participants.
  6. To understand unconscious bias
  7. Analyse the impact of the practices of your organisation on various equality groups, develop an understanding of how to consult with these groups and recognise why it is important to do so.

We can vary the course content of our equality impact assessment program to meet the exact needs of your organisation, support and improve the progress made previously in this area. Simply talk to us to see how our Equality Impact Assessment Course can be integrated into the operations of your private entity or public authority to help you reach your equality objectives.

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