Equality Impact Assessment Course

Equality Impact Assessment Course

Equality Impact Assessment Course

Equality Impact Assessment Course

Equality Impact Assessment is a legal requirement formulated by the framework of public sector equality to avoid discrimination in the execution of public duties as well as to exhaust the possibilities of promoting equality. All private establishments and public authorities that deliver services to the public are required to make evident their provisions to:

· Policies to monitor any adverse impacts

· Gather information regarding the impacts of the set policies

· Assess and consult on the probable effects of the planned policies on equality

· Review and report progress on equality

· Publish the results of monitoring consultation as well as assessments

· Train employees in regards to their duties and responsibilities

Shun Customer & Employee Discrimination

A well integrated and cyclical Equality Impact Assessment process can prove to be a remarkably effective tool for organisations to benchmark their progress to match their policies’ intended results to their actual results. Equality Impact Assessment ensures that customers and employees aren’t discriminated against by the way a corporation runs and assist public authorities in ensuring that policies are consistent with their objectives to curb discrimination and enhance equality.

Our equality impact assessment training is designed to help your managers and other staff understand what is an equality impact assessment, how to plan it, the core policy and legal drivers of equality impact assessments, the main aspects and importance of stakeholder engagement when formulating policies, and benefits of the equality impact assessment program to an organisation.

Your employees are accountable for making myriad decisions including deciding on large-scale policies, setting budgets, as well as the everyday decisions that impact on specific individuals and teams. Taking part in our equality impact assessment course will help them determine the effects of their choices on protected groups that engage with the organisation in regards to discrimination or adverse impacts.

Step By Step Equality Impact Analysis

This equality impact assessment training program  takes participants through all the crucial elements of Equality Impact Analysis, step by step. It is designed to elucidate on the equality assessment process, assuming no prior learning or experience with equality assessment analysis. Additionally, the training program focuses on allowing participants time for debating issues, asking questions, and practicing what they have learned.

This equality impact assessment course is meant to show participants how an effective equality assessment on an organization can be carried out. We understand that equality impact analysis comprises of utilising equality information and outcomes of engagement with the various protected groups to comprehend the actual impacts and the potential impacts of your organization’s decisions, operations, and policies. Our equality impact assessment training can assist you in identifying the practical steps that can be undertaken to combat any negative impacts or discrimination and to augment equality in a bid to promote good relations.

What you will learn

This unique equality impact assessment training program offers you as well as everybody else in your company with a well-thought-out and a results-oriented method of undertaking an impact assessment. Enlisting to take part in this equality impact assessment course will enable you to:

· Define what Equality Impact Assessment is

· Give an explanation as to why it is important to conduct an Equality Impact Assessment and describe how this assessment benefits organizations in their endeavor to provide their products to the people

· Elucidate on the main doctrines of anti-discrimination legislative clauses and the law requirements on organizations in the public domain to conduct Equality Impact Assessments.

· Complete the pertinent documentation as necessitated by the standards of the organization.

· Participants in this program also get an opportunity to undertake Equality Assessment on a real world project, with help from the instructor and in collaboration with fellow participants.

· Analyze the effects of their own operation areas on different equality groups. Participants also get to comprehend how to undertake consultations with equality groups as well as understand the importance of doing so.

Course Outline

During this equality impact assessment training course, you will learn about:

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Scene Setting and Background
  • The Legal Framework
  • The Business Case for Equality Impact Assessments
  • Documentation
  • Guidance, and the Process
  • Conducting Consultation Meetings and Workshops
  • Practical Exercises and Examples
  • Personal Action Planning
  • Course Evaluation and Close

We can vary the course content of our equality impact assessment program to meet the exact needs of your organisation, support and improve  the progress made previously in this area. Simply talk to us to see how our Equality Impact Assessment Course can be integrated into the operations of your private entity or public authority to help you reach your equality objectives.

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