Equality Impact Assessment CourseEquality Impact Assessment Course (Instructor led, Online or In-house)

Course Duration

Two three hour sessions over one day or two, to suit operations

Our previous experience in delivering similar work

We have delivered Equality Impact Assessment Courses for a local authority, businesses and a charity. We have considerable experience in providing training to a mixed group of delegates from wide and diverse backgrounds.

Course Outline

First session to focus on the theory behind the EIA and second part to gain practical experience of completing an EIA.

By the end of the first session learners will have :

  • Have considered the impact of the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty in their roles.
    • identified relevant sources of data and how these could be used
    • listed relevant stakeholders
    • assessed the impact on relevant groups/stakeholders of any EIA
    • suggested mitigation for any identified adverse impacts
    • Be able to identify groups which are at risk of discrimination and the role of the protected characteristics in promoting equalities
    • Have explored unconscious bias and identified areas for development
    • Understand key equality terminology.

By the end of the second session learner will have:

  • Recapped on the first session and shared any inter course reflections
  • Learnt what the purpose of Equality Impact Assessments are and use as a  tool for promoting equality, tackling discrimination and fostering good relations.

Have some practice at a sample assessment, linked the relevance of what they are doing day to day proposed mitigation for any identified adverse impacts

  • Developed a next step action plan

Included in the Equality Impact Assessment Course design brief

  • Encourage delegates to understand that this training will assist the authority’s purpose in bringing about closer partnership working and Strategies, development and skills. Builds on strong links with other businesses.
  • Staff are responsible for making a wide range of decisions about overarching policies, delivery and service provision, setting budgets and day-to-day decisions which affect specific individuals/groups and this training will assist

The sessions will be interactive using group work, individual worksheets that will allow a chance to explore the topic between sessions. 

Prerequisites from the client to assist with course design

  • We would require a copy of the EIA (we can provide design assistance) which we would use in the session.
  • It would be helpful if I could meet with the client EIA lead so we can understand the approach they would want to take.
  • If not completed, some suggestions or information on high-risk areas of noncompliance EI this may be experiences of non-compliance near misses or where lessons learner were not fully deployed.


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