Why should You Enroll In Touch Typing Course?

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Why should You Enroll In Touch Typing Course?Why should You Enrol In Touch Typing Course?

Computers are everywhere and they aren’t going away any time soon. Many of the tasks that used to be performed with a pen and a paper are now being done on computers and laptops. Everything from writing reports, sending emails, and even scheduling workdays is done digitally. So, how will touch typing course help you with these tasks? Well, it will improve both your speed and accuracy, making you more efficient and productive at the keyboard.

Our touch typing course and keyboard training comprises of a series of keyboard mastering tips and short-cuts that will have a positive impact on your typing and keyboard skills. In fact, the course is suitable for individuals of any age or industry and for those who use the keyboard regularly.

What will you learn?

Keyboard training is entirely based on practical exercises and focusing on training the brain to remember and use all the fingers to ensure correct keying without looking at the keyboard all the time. You’ll also get to learn about good posture at the keyboard, as well as an effective approach to fast learning which is applicable to other areas.

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The relevance of touch typing to further keyboard skills expertise (e.g software short-cuts) will be explained.

During keyboard training, you will acquire the relevant skills, knowledge and practice time to enable you to type without having to look at the keys. These key skills include:

  • Remembering and using the correct fingering
  • Applying an effective practice regime that continuously improves your speed and accuracy.

The repetitive nature of our Touch Typing programme ensures the whole keyboard and all fingering is thoroughly learnt using the most engaging, exciting and memorable keyboard training techniques in just one sitting. This approach enables you to apply the new keyboard skills right away and accurately.

What are the benefits of touch typing skills?

  1. Higher typing speed

This is the most obvious benefit of learning to touch type. Keyboard training will drastically improve your typing speed in a short period of time. Generally, the time taken by a touch­ typist to type a given number of characters is without doubt less than the time taken by a person who uses the hunt and peck method, thus can save dozens of valuable working hours. This skill does not only make you more attractive to employers, but it will help you become more efficient.

  1. Increases effectiveness

The typist gets used to looking at the output on the screen, not the keyboard. This is very helpful when creating a document such as an essay, letter, a book or a presentation. Basically, not having to look at the keyboard to find the keys can help you focus on the output, thus increase in quality.

  1. Better for your health

Touch typing is less demanding on your brain because the brain does not need to cope with two issues of locating the keys and focusing on the output at the same time. It keeps you from constantly having to bend your head over the keyboard to find your next keystrokes, meaning the brain is then single-mindedly focused on the output. Also, touch typing is less tiring because its natural and flowing movements distribute the total load over all fingers, which results in less stress.

  1. Reduces wear and tear

The wear and tear on the few fingers that are constantly used is reduced dramatically. The work is spread over by many more fingers and therefore helps reduce the risk of Cumulative Trauma Disorder.

  1. Editing

You are not going to notice grammar or spelling mistakes when typing if you spend your time staring at your keyboard. With touch­typing, you can edit your work as you go. Looking at the screen will enable you to detect errors as they appear and fix them immediately.

  1. Better job opportunities

Employers are looking at candidates with excellent typing skills as the first qualification for the job, not as an optional skill. So touch typing will make an impression of being the professional, just on the first glimpse, thus opens many job opportunities to you.

Whether you are an employee, educator or student, Our Touch Typing courses can drag you from a one finger typist to a more accurate, effective, speedier typist and make typing more enjoyable. The training courses are held at public locations in multiple cities throughout the year. In house training courses are also available for both companies and small groups.

Our keyboard training programme solutions are designed to meet any challenge or level required.

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