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Online Training Courses – Learn On Line with our Learndirect eCourses.Our selection of learndirect eCourses provide instant access to over 300 online training courses. As an approved eCourse reseller we can provide you with a full portfolio of professional and up to date online training courses.Choose ICT, business skills, management and leadership, health and safety and almost all modern languages.Whether you are looking to gain new skills for work or to give your CV a boost these online training courses can fill skills gaps quickly and effectively. eCourses are specifically designed for self study at home or at work and are ideal for anyone looking for a flexible and cost effective online training solution.

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Meetings, Bloody Meetings – Making Meetings More Productive
Word 2010
Excel 2010
Meeting Planning and Preparation
Written Communication
Steps To Success – Professional Sales Skills
Behavioural Interviewing: Taking the Guesswork out of Recruitment
Access 2007 Advanced
Excel 2007 Intermediate
TalkNow Spanish
Compliance Trailer


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