Customer Service Training Course
customer Service Training Course

Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Training Course

Providing exceptionally good customer service is a sound business strategy that will yield long lasting results. Appropriate customer service translates to happy customers, and when your clients are pleased, they will gladly buy your products and your brand will rank highly in their minds in their subsequent purchases. However, if customers feel that they weren’t treated appropriately, nearly all of them will never use your products again, even when your offer is exactly what they are searching for.


Here’s what really matters …

A hugely effective customer service operation comprises of a perfect blend of procedures, skills and techniques. Accomplishing this expertise isn’t difficult and it doesn’t require extraordinary effort. However, it can take ages to develop as well as refine a customer service stratagem that is right for you, and this lengthened learning curve will cost you clients as well. Our customer service training can help you accomplish everything including establishing your organization’s customer service policy, forming behavioural standards, as well as educating receptionists and other front office staffers on how to effectively respond to customers.

Whether you’re just joining or you have been dealing with, selling to, or handling clients, our customer service training program will give you the pre-requisite skills you need in order to provide stellar customer experience.

Handle volatile situations

This course will equip you with the knowledge you need in order to serve your clients in the best way possible and at the same time give you an understanding of how your team is impacting on your customers’ image of the company. This program will also enhance your competence in communication skills, ability to handle volatile situations at the workplace and endow you with the know-how to projecting a professional image of yourself and the organization you represent. This way, your customers will be accorded the finest possible experience, which make them appreciate your brand and consequently improve your upside.

Reinforce your brand

Excellent customer experience is paramount in modern-day cut throat competitive business environment as it makes your customers come back to you when they need the goods or services you offer, as well as refer your business to their friends who are in need of your products. This an effective strategy in reinforcing your organization’s brand image as well as in helping retailing and growing your clientèle base. During this practical, integrated and pertinent customer service training course you will explore what you’re doing and what you ought to do in order to please your customers.

In the present day marketplace, there are many channels in which you can interact with your customers including web chat, e-mail, telephone and face-to-face. Enrolling in this customer service training will take you through the appropriateness of the various communication channels so you and your employees have the tools and proficiency for managing every customer activity appropriately.

Unique customer service training program

This training program is greatly valuable because it employs a one-of-a-kind approach to getting your front-line employees, representatives, supervisors and customer service managers acquainted with first rate methods and techniques to deal with difficult clients, handle stress, motivate others, and discover that little fine retouch they need to add when communicating with customers. This powerful course comprises of various skill-building and information-packed sessions that explore critical aspects of providing better customer service. There’s plenty to learn in every single customer service training session. Actually, attending this course and picking up just a single skill from the hundreds obtainable, and going forth to apply it in your business will have a telling impact on your customer relations and you will forever feel proud that you enrolled.

Who benefits from our customer service training?

  • Customer service representatives
  • Customer service managers
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Call centre representatives, and
  • Anybody who regularly contacts customer and has the responsibility to handle customer requests, orders, and issues.

In-business training

The program is usually tailor-made to fit in-business training to make certain that it allows for a totally integrated learning experience where participants can share practical and real-life circumstances and solutions. If you enlist to take our customer service training course, you’ll share experiences and best practices applied across various businesses, which will put you in pole position to serve your customers better.

What you learn:

The current outline for the customer service training enables you to:

  • Successfully communicate with your customers
  • Create a lasting impression, ensuring your customers come back to you first
  • Understand the value of customers to your organisation
  • Deliver exceptional customer care
  • Handle difficult customer situations
  • Protect your brand
  • Work with your own in internal customers to achieve a positive response for your clients
  • Do what they say they are going to do, to keep customers satisfied
  • Understand the customer service requirements for different channels

During the course you cover:

During this interactive, linked and practical customer service course, you learn about:

  • Projecting the right first impression – the 3 second rule
  • Positive steps to excellent customer service – what can you do differently
  • Moments of truth in customer service – case studies on poor and exceptional customer service
  • The importance of communication in customer service and how to improve your communication skills – including non verbal communication
  • Handling complaints, anger and difficult customers professionally
  • Active listening and questioning techniques
  • Talking to customers over the telephone – telephone etiquette – the do’s and don’ts, effective call handling
  • Face to Face customer handling
  • Email/Web Chat – choose your words carefully!
  • Building rapport with your customers
  • Making the most of your voice, understanding tone
  • How to use body language
  • Barriers to communicating effectively – be assertive not aggressive
  • Making a difference to your customers – manage expectations
  • Identifying your customers and their expectations from your organisation
  • Working in as part of a team to improve the customer experience

If you want to make a real difference in your company, call us more for details on this customer service training course now. It is the only way to understanding your customers’ perceptions, meeting and surpassing their expectations.

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