Customer Service Tips

Customer Service Training CourseNo matter what type of business you own, excellent customer service can be a driving force for your financial bottom line. Delighted customers generate sales not only through repeat business but also through word-of-mouth advertising. The old adage of treating people as you want to be treated is a very valuable motto when it comes to running a business. Here are a few easy-to-follow- customer service tips that will have your clients singing your praises.

First and foremost, you have to know your customers. Take the time to say hello when they walk in the door – and really mean it. Some big chain stores have their employees greet customers but often these salutations seem forced and, truthfully, fake. While you can appreciate the words, the tone is off and just not very welcoming. So, say for example, you run a hair salon. Train your front desk staff to greet each client by name as they walk through the door. They have the client’s name right on the schedule which makes this step even easier.

Another way to tailor your customer service is to get inside your clients’ heads and anticipate their wants and desires. Knowing what products to carry or upgraded services to offer will create a comfortable atmosphere that will have your clients clamoring for your attention.

Take customer service tips one step further and inquire if they would like some coffee, water, etc. Briefly mention whether the hairdresser is running on time or is a few minutes behind; instead of merely pointing, escort the client to a waiting area or back to the changing room. Often it’s the little, polite things clients remember and pass along to their friends.

Speaking of being polite, remember as much as you have to talk about, customer service is all about the client not you. Let her talk about her day, the horrible traffic and issues with her mother-in-law. Incredible customer service is often as easy as being an impartial person for her venting and ranting. Listen to the client; you’ll learn more about her wants and needs and you’ll be on your way to establishing another great client relationship.

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