Personal Development Courses

Personal Development Courses

Our range of personal development courses empower you to maximise your potential in interpersonal areas while enhancing your ability to deal with the day-to-day issues that can arise in todays workplace. Improve your personal efficiency and communication skills to develop yourself and your career. Interact more competently and positively with others in the workplace to reduce stress levels and enrich your working life.

Our range of courses will provide a positive impact going forward into every aspect of your career and organisation as well as affecting all your professional relationships

Browse through the numerous courses we provide and contact us for more information.

Course Duration Delivery Format Enquire about In-house course
Assertiveness and Confidence Building 1 day In-House & Public enquire
Time Management Training 1 day In-House & Public enquire
Minute Taking Meetings 1 day In-House & Public enquire
Mind Mapping Training 1 day In-House enquire
Secretarial Skills 5 days In-House enquire
Secretary / PA Development 2 days In-House & Public enquire
Touch Typing 1 day In-House & Public enquire
Introduction to Neuro Linguistics Programming 1 day In-House enquire
Public Speaking – Presentation Survival School 1 day In-House enquire
Skills for the Admin Assistant 1 day In-House & Public enquire
Train the Trainer – a One day primer 1 day In-House enquire
The Practical Trainer 3 days In-House enquire
Advanced Skills for the New Trainer 3 days In-House enquire
Using Activities to Make Training Fun 1 day In-House enquire
Developing Your Training Program 2 days In-House enquire
Survival Skills for the New Trainer 1 day In-House enquire

* Travel costs are not included in price (charged at 45 pence per mile for In-House courses)