Excel 2007-2010 Advanced Training

microsoft excel 2007-2010 advanced trainingExcel 2007-2010 Advanced Training

Advanced Users

Designed for proficient users of excel this excel 2007-2010 advanced training course enables you to understand and use the advanced features of the application. Enhance productivity by streamlining workflow, collaborate with others, audit worksheets and analyse data. In addition you are able to: work with multiple worksheets, import and export data, integrate Excel data with the web and structure workbooks with XML.

What will I learn

This Excel 2007/2010 advanced course will teach the participants to:

  • Use advanced Excel functions
  • Create Lookups and data tables
  • Manage large lists of data
  • Create and use PivotTables and Pivot Charts
  • Export and import data
  • Analyse data effectively
  • Create basic macros
  • Use conditional formatting

Course Outline

Microsoft excel advanced course outline:

Advanced excel functions

  • Logical functions
  • Math and statistical functions
  • Financial functions
  • Displaying and printing formulas

Lookups and data tables

  • Using lookup functions
  • Using MATCH and INDEX
  • Creating data tables

Advanced excel list management

  • Validating cell entries
  • Exploring database functions

PivotTables and Pivot Charts

  • Working with PivotTables
  • Rearranging PivotTables
  • Formatting PivotTables
  • Pivot Charts

Exporting and importing

  • Exporting and importing text files
  • Exporting and importing XML data
  • Querying external databases

Analytical options

  • Goal Seek and Solver
  • The Analysis ToolPak
  • Scenarios
  • Views

Macros and custom functions

  • Running and recording a macro
  • Working with excel VBA code
  • Creating functions

Conditional formatting and SmartArt

  • Conditional formatting with graphics
  • SmartArt graphic

Delivery Formats:

All our in house training course are available tailored to yours and your companies/delegates needs with our CTP (customised training programme) solution. Designed to meet any challenge or level required. Ask for a full proposal for your training, tailored to suit you.

In house training at your premises – £949 for a group of up to 12 per day  (ex travel charged at 45 pence per mile)

Please contact us if you wish to attend a public course


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