Excel 2003 Intermediate

What will I learn?

This Excel 2003 intermediate course will teach the participants to:

  • Customise view options
  • Use further techniques to format excel worksheet data
  • Use more functions
  • Use the function wizard
  • Use absolute cell references in formulas
  • Use Excel as a database
  • Use filters and subtotals in a database
  • Create excel charts
  • Create drawing objects
  • Use hyperlinks

Course Outline

Microsoft Excel course content:

  • Viewing excel worksheets
  • Customise view options
  • Display and customise toolbars
  • Hide workbooks and worksheets
  • Freeze panes
  • Group excel worksheets
  • More Formatting Techniques
  • Using styles
  • Conditional formatting
  • The format painter
  • Hiding and displaying cells
  • More Excel formulas and functions
  • Using the series command
  • Using the function wizard
  • Financial functions
  • Correcting formulas
  • Using the error checker
  • Using the auditing toolbar
  • Using the watch window
  • Absolute Cell References
  • Entering an absolute column and row reference into a formula
  • Entering mixed cell references into a formula
  • Using Logical Functions
  • Using the IF function
  • Nesting IF functions
  • Database and List Management
  • Using Excel as a database
  • Sorting a database
  • Using Autofilters and advanced filters
  • Using data forms
  • Excel charts
  • Creating excel charts using the wizard
  • Formatting charts
  • Linking Worksheets within a Workbook
  • Renaming worksheets
  • Inserting and deleting worksheets
  • Creating formulas to link worksheets
  • Drawing and Picture Objects
  • Creating drawing objects
  • Using drawing toolbar to control objects
  • Excel 2003 and Other Applications
  • Copying data from another application
  • Using hyperlinks

Run In House: In-house Courses – £749 per day

Duration: This course is delivered over: 1 day

*All prices are excluding travel charged at 45 pence per mile.


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