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This Desktop Intelligence Advanced Reporter course is intended for those who have been using Business Objects Desktop Intelligence for some time and are familiar with the content of the Introductory Reporter Business Objects Course.

Delegates attending this business objects training course will learn how to build queries using advanced report-writing techniques for in-depth analysis of business information. They will learn how to create flexible reports for use by “Explorers” – Business Objects users who don’t have access to the Query Panel and so are unable to build queries, but who are able to open documents created by others and manipulate, analyse and present the data in a variety of ways.

The course is suitable for users of Business Objects Desktop Intelligence XI, or earlier Business Objects versions 5, 6, and 6.5 (Full Client). It is not suitable for users of any version of Business Objects Web Intelligence.

What will I learn

Pre-Course Challenge

  • Refresher” Exercise testing Basic Skills

  • Revision of Basic Skills as required

Course Outline

During this business objects training course, you will learn about:

Editing Reports

  • Editing Blocks

  • Applying Filters

  • Formatting Filters

  • Applying Sorts

  • Formatting Sorts

Formatting Reports

  • Using Templates

  • Page Formatting Options

  • Formatting Tables

  • Formatting Sections

  • Adding Page Breaks

  • Formatting Charts

  • Aligning Cells

  • Aligning Blocks

  • Saving Templates

Restricting Data with Conditions

  • User Defined Single Value Conditions

  • Multi-Value Conditions

  • Using the Logical Operators (AND/OR)

  • Pre-Defined Conditions

  • Prompted Condition Queries

  • Using Wildcards in Queries

  • Building Sub-Queries

Using Multiple Data Providers

  • Multiple Blocks from Single Queries

  • Naming Data Providers

  • Queries on Multiple Universes

  • Personal Data Files (Excel Spreadsheets) as Data Providers

  • Synchronising Data Providers by Linking
  • Numeric Data Format Issues

Defining and Using Variables

  • Creating Variables

  • Resetting Calculations across Breaks

  • If. Then…Else Variables
  • The Group Function

  • Creating a Variable Using the Group Function


  • Understanding Hierarchies

  • Setting the Scope of Analysis

  • Pre-Defined Hierarchies

  • Drilling on Single Hierarchies

  • Drilling on Multiple Hierarchies

  • Creating Custom Hierarchies

  • Drilling on Charts

  • Displaying the Drill Information

  • Saving Snapshots

Run In House: In-house Courses – £1199.00 per day

Duration: This course is delivered over: 1 day

*All prices are excluding travel charged at 45 pence per mile.


This course is currently unavailable as a public course


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