Discipline and Grievance Training Course

Discipline & Grievance Training Course

Every business needs to have managers who are able to handle disciplinary issues in the workplace effectively, this Discipline and Grievance Training Course is  essential learning.

Ensuring your people know what is expected of them and the rules within which they operate is key to getting the best results from your employees.

Successful businesses know that disciplinary procedures are an aid to effective management, enabling them to resolve issues quickly and cheaply rather than being used simply as a mechanism for imposing sanctions.

Achieving this focus and helping others in the workplace understand this perspective is very important.

It requires managers to have a good working knowledge of discipline and grievance procedures which is essential if potentially disruptive issues are to be resolved in the workplace rather than spilling over into a potentially costly employment tribunal.

What will I learn from  Discipline and Grievance Training Course 

The current outline for this discipline and grievance training course enables you to:

  • Describe the key features of their organisations process and policies on conduct, capability, discipline, grievances and appeals
  • List the key skills and qualities that a manager needs to employ when dealing with these issues
  • Explain the legal background to these issues, and the reasons why processes and policies need to be followed
  • Give effective and constructive feedback on performance and conduct, and deal with minor issues informally
  • List the key issues which managers need to consider while conducting the investigation into performance or discipline cases, to ensure that problems are investigated thoroughly and objectively
  • Deal effectively with problems and objections which they may experience when managing conduct or capability
  • Produce an action plan for transferring the learning from the course back into the workplace

Course Outline of Discipline and Grievance Training Course 

During this interactive, linked and practical discipline and grievance training course, you will learn about:

  • Scene Setting and background – Why formal policies on these issues exist, and the benefits of having them
  • Overview of legislation on these issues, including legal requirements for following organisational policies and processes
  • Skills and Qualities needed to manage these processes effectively, including a personal audit of own skills levels
  • Resolving problems informally – when might this be appropriate, and how to give constructive, effective feedback to staff
  • Conduct and Capability – The differences, and the processes used to manage each issue
  • Managing Grievances and Appeals – Key Requirements of the Processes
  • Conducting the Investigation Thoroughly and Impartially
  • How to Ha
  • Managing Performance Effectively – How to avoid accusations of Bullying
  • Handle Objections or Rebuttals from staff
  • Personal Action Planning Course Evaluation and Close

Discipline and Grievance Training Course  Run In House In-house – £949 per day

Duration: This course is delivered over: 1 day

*All prices are excluding travel charged at 45 pence per mile.

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