Conflict Resolution Courses

Conflict Resolution Courses

Conflict is in the workplace is a major source of lost value, unhappiness and poor communication. Small issues going unresolved either between individuals, managers, or departments left unresolved can fester into a disruption and even failures of companies. Equipping yourself or your organisation with conflict resolution skills and processes can be one of the best investments you can make.

We have three different courses to offer which complement other courses, Stress Management, Anger Management etc. Each course has a different emphasis to meet your needs or the solution you may require. Please free to call and discuss further.

These courses are held in-house or at the venue of your choice. We can design the course specifically for your industry and/or business context, please enquire.

Conflict Resolution Training2 days£1,950enquire
Anger Management1 day£949enquire
Conflict Resolution – a One Day Primer1 day£949enquire
Conflict Resolution – Dealing with difficult people1 day£949enquire
Conflict Resolution – Getting Along in the Workplace2 days£1,950enquire



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