Finance for non finance managers, training from Taylor Mason TrainingFinance for Non Financial Managers

Successful managers must be able to communicate effectively with both those who get things done and those controlling the financial aspects of the organisation.

To function effectively, managers of today are under increasing pressure to understand Finance and financial management systems. They can be presented with financial statements which claim to monitor their department or company performance. However, these statements are often designed by accountants and in many cases can only be understood by accountants.

Money is the language of business. The ability to understand and analyse financial data is essential for successful management. Our Finance for non-Financial Managers one-day finance course is designed to help executives come to grips with the fundamentals of finance and accounting.

The aim of this practical finance for non-financial managers course is to help participants analyse and improve the financial performance of their organisation and their team.

What you learn:

During this finance for non-financial managers course, you will learn about:

  • Understanding accounting principals
  • Processes behind the preparation of the accounts
  • Understand the key financial statements
  • Interpreting the financial statements
  • Importance of Working Capital and how to make best use of it
  • Budget Creation and Management
  • Costing techniques for business decisions
  • Corporate Governance and Internal Control

During the course you cover:

During this finance for non-financial managers course you cover:

  • Understand and communicate using financial terminology.
  • Understand and interpret the key financial statements.
  • Use financial tools to evaluate the performance of your business.
  • Be better able to communicate financial performance.
  • Appreciate the need for internal control and good financial governance

Delivery Formats:

In House at your premises or locally.

All our in-house training course are available tailored to yours and your companies/delegates needs with our CTP (customised training programme) solution. Designed to meet any challenge or level required. Ask for a full proposal for your training, tailored to suit you. 

Course Booking Information:

In House prices start from £949 for up to 12 delegates (ex travel charged at 45 pence per mile)

This course is not available as a Public Course – Call us On 0843 2891713