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Telephone Training 

Dealing with customers over the telephone can often generate problems that are rarely experienced face to face; it only takes one bad experience with you over the phone to potentially drive a customer, even regulars to look for another company to provide them with products/services.

Many of us forget that the telephone is the most widely used communication method for customers and while this is fast and convenient can often be impersonal or over familiar.

It is therefore essential that anyone who uses a telephone to communicate with customers should understand which telephone techniques can be used and the advantages and disadvantages of communication by telephone.

This telephone training course enables you or your teams to be far more effective in their telephone based communication.

Generally, phone courses can be focused on telephone sales training, telephone skills training or simply phone training.

Our telephone training is also a pre-curser to telephone sales training or telephone skills training as the aim is to ensure you and your customers have a positive response through your telephone skills, creating longer-lasting customer relationships.

If your requirement is telephone sales training please view our other course Telemarketing – using the telephone as sales tool.  In this course we will cover more specific telephone sales training and telephone skills training.

What you learn:

The current outline for the telephone training enables you to:

  • Understand call structure
  • Create a positive impression
  • Use the correct telephone etiquette
  • Deal with callers professionally and assertively
  • Handle difficult situations
  • Understand the differences between tone and words

During the course you cover:

During this interactive, linked and practical telephone training, you cover:

  • Create a professional image on the telephone
  • Use telephone communication to your advantage and be aware of its limitations
  • Know the key stages of a call (answer, handover, conclude)
  • Use your voice and language to sound professional
  • Control a call and gain information
  • Question and listen effectively
  • Know the importance of recapping your conversation
  • Manage a difficult situation assertively
  • Saying no assertively
  • Understand and learn the differences in customer service styles
  • Cope with complaining customers
  • Screen calls properly
  • Work with internal clients and teams effectively
  • Typically we expect you to be able to provide an exceptional service to your customers/callers after completing the course, we also ask you to complete an action plan during the session, outlining areas that you will improve once back in your own workplace.

What did you think?

“Very useful advice to take away and use day to day”

Jasmine Clift – Amey


Nicol Wagstaff – Amey

“Very organised training and well presented”

Kim Cookson – HST Feeds


Delivery Formats:

All our in house training course are available to tailored to yours and your companies/delegates needs with our CTP (customised training programme) solution. Designed to meet any challenge or level required. Ask for a full proposal for you training, tailored to suit you.

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In house training at your premises – £949 for a group of up to 12 (ex travel charged at 45 pence per mile)

Public Course Information & Booking:

Public Courses – £295 per delegate including refreshments/certificate/manual