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Lacklustre productivity is an issue employers and governments far and wide are struggling to address. Economists believe that solving the productivity problem would unlock higher wage growth, better living standards and overall economic growth, the Telegraph reports. But what’s the main driver of productivity? Simple: Happiness. Numerous studies have come to this conclusion – for example a 2015 study by the Social Market Foundation discovered that happiness could lift productivity by up to 20%. Now we’ve cracked that one, here’s the next problem to solve: How to make employees happy, read more….

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Debunking the ‘future of work’ myth Fri, 24 Jan 2020 12:34:38 +0000 Diversity

The “future of work” is not something that will suddenly appear from around a corner, but is already making itself felt. So says Jonathan Sears, partner and principal of people advisory services at EY, who before speaking at the in Rome told The Hive why he thinks the so-called future of work is a myth.

The strategic importance of HR’s role should not be underestimated in a fast-changing work environment already impacted by disruptive and defining forces

Read More here…

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Workplace bullying is more harmful than we realised Thu, 09 Jan 2020 16:08:51 +0000

Wellness and Mental health at work

New findings suggest being bullied at work won’t just affect you emotionally, but could also have serious consequences for your health.

In 2015, not long after Soma Ghosh, now 36, started a new job as a careers advisor, she began to dread every day at the office.

A colleague consistently criticised her performance, blamed her for others’ mistakes and humiliated her. The constant bullying soon took a toll. Ghosh developed anxiety and depression, but there were also effects on her physical health, including trouble sleeping; recurring cold and flu-like symptoms; the appearance of a lump in her armpit; and pains in her fingers, hands and shoulders caused by the pressure to work overlong hours without adequate breaks.

Researchers have long known about the adverse mental health effects of workplace bullying. But only recently – thanks to studies utilising the comprehensive public health records maintained in Scandinavian countries – have they begun to uncover findings that suggest that this bullying could have serious effects on physical health, too. Read More…

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To Retain Employees, Focus on Inclusion — Not Just Diversity Fri, 27 Dec 2019 10:53:18 +0000 Diversity Ellen van Bodegom/Getty Images

To retain talent, most organizations offer the typical things: free coffee and tea in the break room, competitive benefits, generous raises and bonuses, and employee recognition programs. But none of that works for an employee who doesn’t feel comfortable in his or her work environment. Picture, for example, a Muslim who prays in his car because he doesn’t want to advertise his religion, a mother who doesn’t put up pictures of her children so that coworkers won’t question her commitment to the job, or a gay executive who is unsure whether he can bring his partner to company functions. Read More…

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Is life really that complex Sun, 08 Dec 2019 19:23:10 +0000 Can an algorithm forecast the site of the next riot? In this accessible talk, mathematician Hannah Fry shows how complex social behavior can be analyzed and perhaps predicted through analogies to natural phenomena, like the patterns of a leopard’s spots or the distribution of predators and prey in the wild.

Hannah Fry · Complexity theorist
Hannah Fry researches the trends in our civilization and ways we can forecast its future.

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Inclusive Leaders Sun, 10 Nov 2019 17:15:15 +0000 The chief executive’s role is changing from the traditional command and control approach to one of inclusive and purposeful leadership.

Leading by example means demonstrating a willingness to create a highly inclusive culture, which goes deeper than simple quotas. A CEO must provide opportunities for all ages, gender and ethnicity. Raconteur report, future CEO, NOV, 2019, Marianne Curphey

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How’s your mental health? Thu, 10 Oct 2019 18:00:12 +0000
It’s World Mental Health Day and new research reveals 60% of people have [Photo: Shalom Mwenesi/Unsplash] experienced issues with their mental health in the past year, but six in 10 of these didn’t discuss it at work. Three out of every five people who took part in the study said their mental health had an impact on their productivity, while more than a third said work contributed to their symptoms.
Scores of individuals and organisations are taking to the internet today to raise awareness of mental health issues and the stigma surrounding these. Read an example in the posts below.

LinkedIn Editors Pick 

Having a mental health issue may be less stigmatized than years ago, but it doesn’t mean employees are actually comfortable discussing their mental health at the office.

A new study, which explores mental health and stigma in the workplace, finds that close to 60% of respondents had symptoms of a mental health condition in the past year—and the same percentage didn’t discuss it at their jobs. About one-third had symptoms that lasted more than a month. Readmore….

[Photo: Shalom Mwenesi/Unsplash]

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Importance of songs and rhymes in the Early Years Tue, 08 Oct 2019 14:15:46 +0000

USING songs, rhymes and picture books is a great way to help your child develop their language and communication skills. It’s never too early or too late to start signing and rhyming with your child.

Not only is it fun but it is also a great way to get to know each other. Children’s communication skills develop at different rates but there are many things parents can do to help their child develop the skills to read, write and communicate effectively.

Sing to your child. A child loves nothing more than the sound of their parents’ voice. Don’t worry about being the best singer. Your baby will be soothed and calmed by your voice.

They love changes in variation and vocal tone. This keeps it exciting for them and helps them to learn about the natural sounds of a language. If you forget the words, make up your own variations. What’s most important is the time you and your child spend singing together. Giving children a sense of joy and excitement about language will naturally help to boost their desire to read and write. Read More…

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Assertiveness – the effect of voice and tone Tue, 08 Oct 2019 09:01:52 +0000 Family argument

Mothers who talk to their teenage children in a “controlling tone of voice” are more likely to start an argument than get a positive response, according to researchers.

The Cardiff University study examined the responses of 14 and 15-year-olds to instructions given to them in different ways of speaking.

It showed that mothers wanting to persuade teenagers to co-operate got better results when they sounded “supportive” rather than when they applied pressure.

The researchers said that in terms of young people’s behaviour there has been little evidence about the impact of “tone of voice”, rather than the words or actions of parents read more here

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St George’s 6th Form – Confidence in Life & the workplace Wed, 11 Sep 2019 14:40:00 +0000

An exciting morning ahead as Lower Sixth take part in an assertiveness workshop with @taylormasonE looking at confidence in life and the workplace. Upper Sixth are having 1 to 1 meetings with their tutors to discuss post 18 options – @ucas_online, @Apprenticeships and employment

— St George's 6th Form (@SGA_SixthForm) September 11, 2019

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