Bespoke Customer service and Train the Trainer course

Customer Service Training

Client:                   Sir John Fitzgerald Ltd -Sir John Fitzgerald is a long-established, family-run business with a history of exceptional quality and high standards in the public house sector.
We still believe in the same things today whilst recognising and adapting to the changing needs of our customers. In fact, our outstanding reputation for providing traditional and comfortable public houses now extends to stylish and contemporary venues too, such as Cafe Royal, Newcastle. 

Enquiry:               Bespoke Customer service and Train the Trainer course – Delivered a bespoke Customer Training Course – Sometimes the most effective way to meet your organisation’s learning objectives is by getting experts to design a programme of training specifically for your needs. Bespoke learning has the added advantage of incorporating a client’s cultural and corporate needs and requirements when they make a change to their equipment, processes, services or people.

Solution:              2 days research and development and 6 days training.


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