Assertiveness and Confidence Courses

Assertiveness and Confidence Courses

Often wrongly confused with aggression, assertive individuals aim to be neither passive nor aggressive in their interactions with other people. Although everyone acts in passive and aggressive ways from time to time, such ways of responding often result from a lack of self-confidence and, therefore, are inappropriate expressions of what such people really need to say.

Non-assertiveness may be seen as the use of inefficient communication skills, whereas assertiveness is considered a balanced response, is neither passive nor aggressive.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines Assertiveness and Confidence Courses as:

“Forthright, positive, insistence on the recognition of one’s rights”

We could summarise this to:  “Assertiveness means standing up for your personal rights – expressing thoughts, feelings and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways.” It is important to note also that “By being assertive we should always respect the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of other people”

During the Assertiveness and Confidence Courses course, you learn how to be more assertive and confident within yourself and recognise the difference between assertive and aggressive behaviour. You will create your own confidence-building plan and gain the key skills required when dealing with difficult situations in an assertive way and learn how to say no.

This course can be run on your premises or at our many UK training venues.

What you learn:

By the end of this assertiveness course and confidence-building course you are able to:

  • All underpinning knowledge and skills to deal with difficult situations effectively
  • Ability to deliver assertive statements effectively

  • Build your own self-confidence

  • Strength to say ‘no’ assertively

During the course you cover:

  • What is assertiveness
  • Benefits of being assertive/confident
  • Be assertive in the right situations
  • Understand different levels of assertiveness
  • Submissive/aggressive behaviours, their definition and body language
  • The difference between submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Own personal communication style
  • Planning and building your own confidence
  • Be specific, stay relevant and achieve positive outcomes
  • Barriers to assertiveness/ confidence
  • Recognise and deal with fear
  • Assertive/Confidence techniques
  • Saying no assertively
  • Persuasion skills and coping with criticism
  • Listening skills

What did you think?

“Being part of a small group was much better than a big course with a high number of delegates – the trainer was excellent”

Lucy Reeve – Natural History Museum

“Dani is an experienced helpful trainer, and I would love to have her again”

Jingjing Wang – Private Delegate

“Excellent course, I have gained so much from this”

Kelly Osborn – Dolphin Square Foundation

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Course Booking Information:

In House prices start from £949 for up to 12 delegates (ex travel charged at 45 pence per mile)

Pubic Courses start from £295 book online or Call us On 0843 2891713